Hangover-like Feeling

Do any of you wake up feeling like you have a hangover without drinking the night before? This is the newest symptom I’ve been experiencing.

I feel like I have been sleeping more than usual. In fact, I slept almost all day today.

Same here, I feel very dehydrated even if I drank a ton of water the day before.

Hi, It’s possible the dehydrated feeling could be a medication side effect, gals. Or something unrelated to your Lupus. With new symptoms, it’s good to check-in with your Rheumy.

I think I will call tomorrow. Thank you.

Hi Ashleigh,

I have found that I need to stay in bed about three hours after I have woken up, no matter how much sleep I have gotten. If I don't do this I feel very sick, you could say like a hangover feeling. My symptoms are neurological and brain, so it's almost like I need to give my brain time to acclimate. If you have a chance stay in bed one morning and see if that helps. Do also make sure you mention it to your doc when you see him.

Will do. Thank you!

Yes, I have the exact feeling. My body feels as if it’s filled with heavy bricks. I mean my body just stop and Im physically unable to move after I wake up. Some days all I can do is lay down all day.

Yes. Including cotton mouth and the headache. Nothing helps except a big glass of water and moving around. Most days it will go away in a couple of hours. Sometimes it doesn’t go away for a couple of days, but that is the more rare occasion.

I feel like this often. I just want to lay down all day.

I feel exhausted every day. It is unmanageable. I’m already on max dosage of Methotrexate, I have RA also. I’m getting very frustrated with these debilitating diseases.