No energy

I'm so frustrated right now. I've slept for a total of fourteen hours so far today, and am ready to go back to sleep. It feels like I'm sleeping my life away, but I just can't stay awake.

A lot of us have this extreme fatigue that comes with lupus, have you been doing something different lately that you usually don't do, or changed meds, the other culprit sometimes is depression, which as we all know goes hand in hand with being chronically ill, its just the life we live. I hope you get to feeling better soon.

I've been on Plaquenil and Prednisone for 17 days now. My family is on vacation and I've been home alone for nine days. I'm wondering if I'm experiencing some side effects from the meds. Last night and this morning, I've been feeling dizzy - like the room is spinning - and slightly nauseous. I don't want to lie down because I know I'll fall asleep, but I may not have a choice.

Call your doctor to let him/her know about the symptoms. Some people have to be tirated up slowly with plaquenil. I had to be tirated up and also can only take name brand as generic gave me that lovely plaquenil rash. I have been on the full dose for about 14 weeks and can really say that I have more energy. I would say that I am at 75% of normal. I also went through that horrible tired to the bone feeling. I do have lots of problems with inflammation in the sinuses and dizziness

I've been sleeping between 12 and fourteen hours a day for a few days now. I haven't been officially diagnosed with Lupus, but I'm seeing a Rheumy in a few weeks. Some days I literally feel like I'm an 85 year old man. I'm not sure if it has anything to do with the blood clots I had in my lungs two years ago, or with possible lupus. I do know that I have dealt with bouts of chronic fatigue dating all the way back to my high school years. I have never felt well. When I work full time jobs, that's all I can do. I have to drink lots of coffee and force myself through the work day; then I come home and sleep 12 hours. When I do long distance driving - I can drive for 24 hours straight, but then I have to rent a hotel room and sleep for 15 hours just to feel normal again. I know other drivers who can drive for 24 hours, sleep a few hours, and then do it all over again with no issues. Whenever I over-work myself, I seem to get what has been scientifically termed as "payback!" You're not alone in your fatigue! Sometimes I get my sleep schedule so messed up I have a hard time keeping up with my 12 hour medications. I hope you feel better soon!

I just started plaquinel as well@ 400 mg a day. Well the same thing was happening to me last wekk. What I gound out is I was not supposte to take both pills together I was suppost to takenthem at seperate times. It sounds like the exact same thing that was happening to me I was ready to stop taking it before I knew whst I was doing wrong. I also without the advice of my lupus doctor cut the dose to 200mg just at night and that was all I took for a week to let my body get used to it. Well then after a wek I started taking one at lunch and always with food or iy will make you feel like you are now again. Then I take the othe pill at bedtimr. Well it worked I feel normal as normal can be for us anyway and it helps me sleep better. So I just wanted to let you know that your not. Alone threw this problem. Some people have no side affect werr othrrs have very extreme side affects. Please call your doctor and talk to him before you do anything becouse im just telling you that I had the same symptoms and thats how I over came them. It took a couple days to feel normal again but I do and im glad I got threw it. I have had lupus since i was 18 and im 38 now sp I have high hopes for this med and have herd great things about it. I hppe this helps pls call doctor today becouse you may evrn be taking another drug thats interacting badly with the plaquinel idk judt know its not something.thay shoild continue to happen. Hope you ferl better soon!

Hi, with me the extreme fatigue comes and goes. I usually sleep 10-12 hrs a night (used to be 7-8 pre-lupus). Occasionally I have a day where I sleep 15-17! On those days I try to get up but my body insists on going back to sleep. I don’t think it’s the Meds, I think it’s the lupus. After a few days if the extreme sleeps, I’ll have a few nights of crappy sleep, like tonight at 3:40am I’m awake and writing this post! I’m sure I’ll pass out for a nap this afternoon. I can’t relate this pattern to any unusual activity levels, new Meds or increased stress.

Me too! I used to do lots of stuff every day, like 5 balls in the air at once. Now just going to the doctor exhausts me…

I understand totally.

I have had many bouts with fatigue. I know it can be extremely depressing and frustrating. I have found that short walks and small amounts of exercise help tremendously.

I wake up every morning praying for energy. I need to clean house I get out of bed make it to the couch and I have to rest. It makes me so depressed :-(

I can relate too. You are not alone in feeling life is passing by while you sleep or are home bound. Hang in there. This too shall pass…

I sleep an average of 15 hours a day.I hate doing it but if I don't I have no energy for anything else.I don't have much,anyway,but less if I don't sleep.

I only slept 10 hours each of the past three days. That's still a lot, and I still have little energy, but it is an improvement of some kind. Are you taking medication?

gladmari said:

I sleep an average of 15 hours a day.I hate doing it but if I don't I have no energy for anything else.I don't have much,anyway,but less if I don't sleep.