Sinking feeling

Does anyone feel like their body is heavy like you are being pulled to the ground? Sometimes it feels hard to hold my head up while I am sitting.

YES, I have & It SUCKS! No other word to describe it other than it is SCARY too! It almost feels as if you have ran out of gas, right? Like you cannot go on you must just sit or lie down?! It is a terrible feeling & I believe it is our bodies way of saying "Slow Down", and we have to listen to them. I think personally it is the FATIGUE that takes that kinda toll on US! Anyone else feel the same? Oh & The meds used to treat the illness can do it too! Just my opinion! But, Please hang in there & Stay as Strong eternally & physically as you can! Do NOT GIVE UP! It too shall PASS! Keep Smiling, kinda like ur shoving it up Lupus's you know what, LOL! ;) {{HUGS}} Suzie :0)

yes i have felt that way! A little while back I started having trouble with my heart beating too fast. I feel very heavy when it the fluid isn't moving adequately.

Yes, yes, yes!!! It feels like I’m wearing a leaded body suit with additional weights on my head and feet. It’s almost as if my neck is too weak to support my heavy head. The sun/heat seem to make it worse. It’s so refreshing to communicate with people who “get it.” A non-Lupite could never understand.

I also have terrible body posture for my young age due to the chronic pain, weakness and pulling sensation. I am fearful that I will look like Julia Child well before my time. Does anyone have any tips they could share to strengthen muscles and improve posture? TIA

Hay allie, as though Suzie said lay down it's your body saying that it needs to rest . Yes it hard to deal with that i know the feeeling . Just relax for a moment , it will pass . Since last year i've been keeping up with how much i do thing on regular base , only because if i rest for 3days - that means i only have 2and ahalf days of energy to do anything , then it's back to the bed . Unless i really make myself deal with the pain and joints lockin up !!! LOL then of course i just fight with it . But get you some rest and just relax it will be okay , and most of all DON'T STRESS during this time .... Beverly L.