Hands and Feet

Hello Everyone - One of the symptoms I experience is an ugly rash, which has raised 'bumps', on the back of my hands and the sides of my feet. It is ugly and my feet get quite itchy.

Does anyone else experience this? It is embarrassing as well as uncomfortable and I am wondering if anyone has found a good treatment for it.

Thanks for sharing



My hands and feet get a Reddish patching or blotchy pattern on them they will itch and swell and then they will peel. Before they peel it forms what looks like a blister. Not sure what your rash looks like but maybe you can take a picture of it and share it with us. If you go to my page I have pictures of my issues posted.

Best of luckā€¦ Deenie

Hello NicMic,

How are you feeling since adding your discussion...as the rash managed to ease off a little yet and doing what Deenie suggested gives we all more of a prospective of what you may have.

Love Terri xxx