Fun but exhausting

Today we babysat our 16 month old grandson for 8 hours. We had a wonderful time but boy am I exhausted!!! He is one lean eating machine. He ate cheerios, nectarine, meatball, avocado, black beans, banana smoothie, carrots and mango. We also went to Wegman's where he flirted with everyone.

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Sounds wonderful, Roxy. I'm glad you had a lovely time with your grandson. I hope you have many happy times ahead with him.

Nice, wonderful experience thank you for the share. I hope you took lots of photos.

He is a cutie! I love my time with my three grandchildren❤️ It is hard for my husband to understand how much I need to spend time with them though. He worries about me overdoing it. Its true, they wear me out, but they also give me purpose!