Positive Vibes

Had a wonderful day, thankful for the day and being well enough to enjoy it. Despite, my hair beginning to fall out once again, I am taking life one step at a time.

I have stopped thinking about the future, and started appreciating and thinking about the day. Despite, I am still in mourning about not being able to have anymore kids, but, I don't think about it too often. Just love my life and look forward to being better the next day.


Hey, i am so glad you had a wonderful day. What happened?
and don’t feel alone about losing hair–mine is doing the same thing. My pony tails don’t stay tight anymore–we will just have to start a fad…
I can’t wait to hear about your wonderful day!

Friday's events were uneventful (LOL) but my health is becoming stable, I have more energy, I am able to breathe without any problems, my daughter and I went out to dinner for the first time in almost 1 year. Anytime we went out to dinner before, my lungs were involved and I would cough violently and then have to leave.

Although, my hair is falling out still, I guess I am in a flare, I am feeling fine. So, happy this is the first time in 3 years that I am able to say, I am feeling much better, the medication is working wonders. I am very grateful for this feeling.

Thanks annacai autoimmune. I did think about wigs, since my hair is the first thing, my students look at and comment on…

Went to the mall today, with my daughter and dog. We walked through the mall (without me coughing) went to JCPenney and then I stopped at the cupcake stand. Hesitant on the flavors, I peered and saw a peach cobbler cupcake, I thought, it was a great combo. When I went to the cupcake stand, I tried the peach cobbler cupcake…Glad I did!! The cupcake is peach cobbler with vanilla frosting with coffee grinds on top. Nice… The flavor taste, could not have been better!! I bite the cupcake and was transported back into time with the moistness of the cupcake. Had the best Peach cobbler cupcake today, it was worth the trip 10 miles…Ummm… Love deserts…Umm

yum…it sounds amazing

Went to the mall again... To get a snicker doodle cupcake... I think I found love in a cupcake... Can't wait to go to the gym and work off the belly, which I have dubbed "lupus belly" but hope to get rid of it. We walked through the mall again, without my coughing and my daughter was more confident walking with me despite I had on work out clothes and my hair french braided back, but she was walking slowly and holding my hand. I did not realize how embarrassing my coughing was, glad to be feeling better and on the road to maintaining health in this journey.

Loving cupcakes too!! That part has not changed! LOL

are you cheating on the peach cobbler muffin? lol. glad you had another happy day:)

I think I might be cheating, but fidelity is sooo overrated!! LOL… Great days are ahead. Life is for the taking.

janice said:

are you cheating on the peach cobbler muffin? lol. glad you had another happy day:)

great way to approach life, I say!

I am sorry about you not being able to have more kids and I know you'll go through a grieving period for that. Today at Mass Fr. Carlos was talking about how we have to take up our cross, and it is not fun. But God is right there with us and nothing can be sweeter than that. (not even chocolate muffins?) sweeter.

and it is so true. I have never been more sick and never had more pain than I do now but I am actually glad I have(had) it because it brought up close and personal with God. Sweet sweet sweet.

goodnight jira (what a beautiful name!)