Finally seeing the dr

I’m wondering it anybody is willing to talk to me I’m very nervous about going to the dr,
I have been having all kind of problems, joint pain, nausea, no energy my legs feel so weak I feel like I’m not sure they will hold me up. My vision is getting so bad blurry no energy at all. I was wondering if anybody would be willing to visit me on chat or phone? Let me know I’ll check back later. I have been up all night so I’m hoping to get some sleep today. I know I’m just rattling imjust so tired and stressed.
Until later everybody take care

Oh Ann, thank you! What time would be good for you? I have a few things first thing this morning but about 9 a.m. Or after is open for me. I’m on mt. Time how about you? What surgery are you having? My vision is getting so bad that I have not been on here for a long time. So if you mention it on this site I have not read it yet. I’ll call you if you like. I’ll just need your number.