Being honest with the Dr

Good morning to you all! I pray that you are all doing as good as possible. It has been amazing to me how much my state of mind has changed since joining this site. I do not feel as depressed in the mornings, I love it!! There is a couple topics that I want to touch on this morning. There are a few of us on here that smoke marijuana, I am lucky enough to live in Colorado, where I have a red card and have a great "dispensary", which is like a pharmacy but for weed. The owners are also an amazing couple that I have grown very close to over the past 6 months. Anyways, like most of you, I have a really hard time getting any kind of sleep. I will fall asleep ok, but it seems like I wake up in pain or nauseous every hour to two, and getting back to sleep is sometimes more exhausting than anything else I do throughout the day. A couple nights ago, the owners brought me a vape pen and some oils and asked me to try it at night time when I wake up and see if it makes a difference. I have learned that the oils and the edibles seem to help me the most. They are also the ones with the highest cbd's, and if I remember right, (please dont quote me), that is what has been the most effective for people with cancer, epilepsy, etc. They also brought me a couple different kinds to smoke, one of which is great for nausea....I was actually able to keep down everything I ate yesterday!! Yay! That is a huge achievement for me. Back to the sleeping issue, the first night, like clockwork I was up within the hour of falling asleep. So I decided to give the vape pen a shot, i took three hits off of the pen and I feel right back asleep! For once I wasnt up for hours fighting to get back to sleep. After that, I woke up one more time that night, but I actually got four hours of sleep before I woke back up from the numbness and tingling in my arms and legs. Again, I used the pen, and fell back asleep after about 20 mins! It is nice to have them make such an effort to help me, and they have been able to recommend to others what is good for nausea and/or sleeping issues. I wish that more people had this opportunity to get help with health issues such as ours. I know that so many people are against anything marijuana related, but I have been telling my Drs for years that it most definitely helps with the epilepsy and stomach issues. Sometimes it helps with the pain, but for me it is more of a muscle relaxer. Finally, my neurologist saw the difference in me when I was using and when I was not. the seizures come with a vengance when I did not have anything, they are more intense and put me down for days. I still have them even when I do have marijuana but they are not nearly as bad. Even before it was made legal here, my Drs were always aware that I smoked. I do not remember what post that I read on here that someone was asking about getting pain meds if you smoke marijuana, I could not find the post to reply so I hope that they read this post. I dont know what state they were in, but I have always been honest with my Drs about it. I am on a pain contract and have never had a problem with it, but there is another patient that goes to the same Dr as me, and he was not honest with her about smoking. He is also on a pain contract. When they do our monthly urine tests, they test for EVERYTHING. At his next appt he was told that if he chose to keep smoking then she would not give him his pain meds, he had to choose one or the other. Not sure how this works since it is legal here, both medicinal and recreational. He ended up getting mad and going off on her, then complained that it wasnt fair that I wasnt given the same ultimatum. The only thing I can think is that I was honest from the beginning. I tried to explain to him that I have never been dishonest with my Drs, regardless of what it was about. So to the person who was asking that question, my opinion would be to be honest with your Dr. Completely honest, explain how it helps you personally, does it help with pain, nausea, etc. If you have a good Dr, then they should understand. I pray that you find some comfort and that your Drs are empathetic with your situation.

On another of my meds is causing my skin to break out really bad. I have always had acne but it has never been this bad. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can use to help clear up my face and upper back? I use a daily face scrub but it doesnt seem to be as effective as it was.

Well, I think I am going to try to get outside for a little while. It is another beautiful day here. I will keep you all in my prayers today, and I hope you have a great day.

I agree honesty is important. I don’t have pain associated with lupus or anything. But I do agree with the doctor it’d either mess or trees. Lol. Don’t over medicate.

For me I have enough problems without adding marijuana. Dead set against marijuana use except maybe at end of life. Hard decision to make when you are so sick I am sure. But you do know pot causes acne right? Hope you feel better soon.