Had my doctor appointment, finally!

Thank you to everyone who has been checking on me. sorry I havent been good about keeping in touch with everyone. I thought the doctor was a rheumo, but he ended up being a pain managment doctor. he was very nice. but i still havent gotten any for sure answers. he thinks that i may have fibro or chronic fatigue syndrome, but he didnt want to diagnose me with anything yet, because i am so young. he prescribed me lyrica, and gave me some pain meds. so I’m hoping that this will help me start feeling normal again! I go back in a few months. Thank you everyone who has checked on me, and I hope you all are feeling well and are pain free!

Hello Tiffany,

Oh i am sorry you did'nt get the right person or answers you wanted, it can be so annoying at times but regarding the "Lyrica" Faye as just started that and she's feeling benefits already, so it's worth talking to fay about it besides other members who will comment also.

I can't wait for friday as i see my new rheumo but ican't afford to build my hopes up incase it turns out like it did with the other rheumo.

Well i hope when you go back in a few months you do get some results.

Love you loads Terri xxx

I’m really hoping it helps! And I hope that your new rheumo is the right one for you. I’m just as frustrated as you! Lol but if this medicine helps, then I will be beyond grateful! Let me know how your appointment goes on Friday! I wish you the best of luck!

Well i hope it works for you also because christ you've suffered enough and struggled on, i mean my issue is a joke i'm diagnosed then the rheumo refuses treatment because of my organs...well Tiffany that's the best if ever i've heard anything and that's why i'm hoping this new one is more compassionate with his patients.

I'll let you know how it goes mate besides adding a Discussion but while your waiting for other's to reply i'd still give faye a quick message.

All my love mate. xxx

Wow, he was refusing treatment? That is horrible! I this new one helps you! And good idea. I’ll message Faye right now! Thank you!


He let me have the plaquenil after i phoned the sister and told her i could'nt cope no more this was last year and another doctor in the day unit offered me a prednisone shot for the pain, swelling and kidneys and i refused because of my past but after that when i saw him and my dermo suggested other meds he refused and that's when my dermo took treating me for my DLE/SLE into his own hands with the Dapsone and it's him who's refered me onto a new rheumo as he was disgusted because of my organs.

Yes faye will chat to you about it and how it's helped her so fare, all the best mate. xxx

Tiffany, I hope you received my message in your inbox regarding my being on Lyrica. I have definitely seen improvement in the few weeks I've been on it. Please let me know how you do on it. I understand it is well tolerated and don't seem to feel unusual or strange on it. And that makes me happy since I am extremely sensitive to meds.

Hello Faye,

Tiffany will get back to you but while she's not been well she's not been coming on so much but i am really pleased how it's helping you in such a large way with the pain you've had.

All my love Terri xxx

Hello Tiffany,

Just checking to see how your doing and i hope faye managed to help you.

Have you started the Lyrica...please keep we updated.

All my love Terri xxx