Fallen and I could not get up

The other day, i had been working around the house, we had to leave to take my kids into town we live about 40 min out in the country, and so I thought I would just rest for a bit before going, i was only down for about 15 min when I heard a loud crash in the kitchen my daughter had accidently knocked over a chair that caused the crash, I jumped up to run to them and it was like my brain was saying run to them but my body was not reacting I felt myself falling but I did not even react as far as putting my hands up to brace my self for the fall, My daughter said it looked like I just dropped like a sack of potatoes, I landed i hit one knee hard and landed with my hands at my waist bent backwards and I hit my face on the floor, the pain was incredible for seconds I could not react I could not move, I could hear the screamming and inside my head thought Oh My God my kids are hurt and I cant get up, suddenly two of my older children were at my side and I realized that the kids were fine it was me that was not. It took me over 30 minutes to get up and the pain was off the charts, by that night and the next morning the pain was horrible, they took me to the doctor, I had a horrible bruise on my knee, both wrists sprained and bruises on my rib cage and face, along with rug burns on chin and chest from hitting the ground so hard, My question is that is this lupus or something else, I just went to emergency walkin, so I did not even ask, Has anyone else experienced this? Let me know Thanks I am grateful I feel like I could have been hurt far worse. Kate

Hello Kate,

I am so sorry to hear what happened to you and you need to get those bruises brought out properly because Lupus can cause clotting and i hope you react on my suggestion....get some olive oil and cotton wool apply olive oil to the cotton wool and heat it up warm, so it's just bearable for your skin to take it and then rub in the olive oil and do that 3 times a day till the bruising is fully out.

What happened to you is off Lupus...the brain can either be alert/slow or suffering with an extra bonus of foggyness, in your case your brain was active but your body was'nt and the fatigue with your body was'nt in co-ordination with your brain.

Alot of the time my brain wants to do things but my body fails me and these are the symptoms of lupus.

I really hope you recover well but please use the olive oil.

((Hugs to you)) Terri xxx

Dear Kate,

So sorry you went through this. It seems so unfair that anyne should have to deal with this yet, and for you kids to witness it must have been very frightening.

My prayers and good wishes are with you and yours.

Love and hugs,



I am so sorry this happened to you. A fall is the worst thing that can happen. Many injuries can happen at once. No doubt it frightened your kids. Yes, it seems at times I am so awkward or my legs give way, or my feet don't lift. It keeps me fearful not to use my roller walker all the time. I use it just to prevent falling. It might not be a bad idea to have one handy if you are having a bad day.

I would use that terrible fall as a teaching moment for your children. Let them learn some first aid so they know what to do immediately in case you fall. Also to recognize serious issues which would need medical help. I also live in the country miles from a hospital...time is important if you have a serious fall and are unconscious.

You could type a list of "to do" and place it on your kitchen door. If you are alone when they are in school, you might consider having a cell phone on your person or some type of medical alert system in place.

I hope by now you are on the mend...good suggestions by Terri too for the bruises.

Yes we are high risk when it comes to falls!



Kate, I'm so sorry this happened to you! I hope you are feeling okay today. Much love.

Hello Kate,

When possible and your upto it because of the extensive things the fall caused...an update on how you are would be dearly aprecciated on how you are.

Thinking of you dearly Terri xxx

Kate, I've been wondering how you are today. Sometimes injuries show up days later. Trust you are not suffering now from your fall. Hugs..Faye