Yet another new "symptom"

I am at a bit of a loss. I do not know if this is Lupus related or if its something else. I have been in so much pain the past couple hours it’s not funny. Not my normal joint pain I have grown so used to, but a very new and much worse pain. The muscles in my back (from the hip to the shoulder) tensed up so bad I couldn’t move my back at all and the skin felt like I had backed up into a hot pan/oven with no shirt on and burned myself (similar to reaching in the oven and grabbing a hot pan without a pot holder cuz your food is burning). Has anyone ever experienced anything like this? I would rate it about a 15 ok the hospital’s 10-scale for pain (my daily level is about a 5). I took some Flexeril and it helped with the back muscles some but did nothing for the burning. I do not see a rash or burn or anything abnormal about the skin on my back…


Sorry you're in so much pain. While I know that level of pain, I couldn't possibly guess what's causing yours. Please, have your rheumy or primary doc check it out.

Take care!

It could be a allergic reaction to medicine,antibiotics by chance are you taking anything with sulphur?I’m thinking that could be a reason.Hope you get better this lupus. The pits I know. Hang in there. :wink:

Hi Jason, that sounds awful!!! A former co-worker of mine once described something similar and it turned out to be shingles which is one of those time sensitive things. I.E. the sooner you start treating the better so I would go to doc ASAP!! Good luck!! Let me know how it goes and please don’t wait on it.

I had the same issue at one time. Ended up that I was allergic to one of the meds. The pain was terrible. I couldn't walk and I didn't make sense when I spoke. I never want to revisit that. So sorry for your pain. It is hard enough dealing with the daily joint pain, but I'm sure that is adding insult to injury. Go see your rhumie ASAP! Hope you get to feeling better soon.

I agree, see your Dr. ASAP! Feel better soon.

I hope you took some of the people's advice and called than saw your doctor. I did have shingles once and it does kind of sound like it but you do not have rash. Shingles follows nerve grids so not like rash all over.

If you have not contacted your doctor and still in that much pain, hope you go to ER or some urgent care place open all night.

Very sorry you are in so much pain and hope doctor resolves it quickly.


So sorry that you are having such a hard time. This is just a suggestion, but have you ever been checked for shingles? I have met a couple of people that have had them, but not ever myself. As I have read that it appears to be yet another auto-immune indicator, it might be worth checking out. I do know that it has something to do with the ChickenPox virus so if you would have had to have had that.

I know personally that the weather is playing havoc on my own bod, so hope this could be helpful.

Get better,


Hello Jason,

It could be a reaction to medication what you went through but from your soine up your back...i'd say some form of spine or arthritis trouble as this can causing a burning feeling in the body.

Have you been tested for any form of arthritis? it only need a trapped nerve to also cause this issue.

How are you feeling now reagrding this? Terri :)

Light or light exposure feels like it is literally burning my skin, as if it is being exposed to a hot plate burner. My Derm said it is a symptom of Lupus. It hit your back. My problem is anywhere my skin is exposed to light. I know exactly how you feel.


According to EVERYTHING I have read about this disease, photosensitivity is a symptom. It is quite possible that the meds that you were given just added to the already present sensitivity that you experience on a daily basis. I am with the others that you need to contact your physician or go the the ER...a 15 on ANY scale is cause for alarm.

Best of luck and please keep us updated.



Hello Jason,

I've not been on for a few days but how are you after posting this discussion?

I do hope you're having a pleasent christmas and the new year start a better one for you. :)

I am doing alright. Back to just my normal chronic joint pain, which has been going on for about 10 years so I’m used to it. But no new issues and no major recurring issues! I hope your Christmas was good and you have a happy New Years!

Tez_20 said:

Hello Jason,

I've not been on for a few days but how are you after posting this discussion?

I do hope you're having a pleasent christmas and the new year start a better one for you. :)

Hi Jason,

Thanks for updating me and other members mate and i am pleased you have no issues at the moment but joint pain although we're used to it, can annoy we all at times.

My christmas as been quiet Jason just me and the hubby and the new year tonight the same.

Wishing you all the very best my friend for a better year & happy 2013 new year toast emoticon :) xxx