Skin Hurting

Hello everyone,

I have noticed that by the end of the day my skin feels bruised all over but there aren't any visible bruises. Does anyone else have this problem? Have you found anything to help with the pain. I can't even stand for my husband to touch my knee lightly when my skin feels like this. It's miserable!



I get the same way! When my husband and I are in bed, I make him put a body pillow between us because if even his arm is just barely making contact with me, I get the sensation that he is poking me as hard as he can. It’s miserable!
So far, other than the pillow, I haven’t found anything that helps. :confused:

Oh I know! I think it is the only way-although, as of late our 4 y.o. daughter has been our “wall” lol. I actually love that she sleeps with us because it’s one less thing I have to worry about knowing she’s safe beside me, however she’s notorious for throwing a midnight punch to the face now and then…not too pleasant. :wink:

JanRN said:


I do the same thing! I have mentioned my "pillow wall" to others and they think I'm crazy. It's pretty sad to gasp everytime your husband/loved one touches you but I don't see another way. Thank you!

Okay then,I have a pillow wall too. When I started using it, thought I was protecting my back after surgery it hurt so bad...two years later I still have the pillows. Amazing others are doing the same.

I get this problem too....sometimes very surface...even light touch hurts and in just certain areas. Other times it's very deep and feels like a deep bruise. Anyone else?

Hi Jan,

This is very popular where Lupus is concerned with the skin...for some reason it makes your skin sensitive to touch and if someone grabbed my arm it would feel like i'm being attacked....the lupus according to how bad your suffering with it and how active it can be makes you feel tender because of your joints and skin being affected.

Regarding pillow wall the same here and if i really need to stretch which is alot because of my joints stiffen alot while sleeping...the spare rooms pointed to:)lol

Ann, a lot of people mentioned florescent lighting as an enemy. What about LED? I'm currently replacing old light bulbs with LED. Is this a mistake?

Thanks Ann for the info...The article on five things made me cross eyed, but I'll get back to it when more alert! lol Thanks again, Kathy

Ann A. said:

The opinion seems to be that most residential LED bulbs give off almost no UV light.

Oh Ann,

I feel for you mate roll on 2wks for the other your eyes can get back to normal. xxx

Ann A. said:

I am recuperating from surgery on my right eye and have two weeks to go until I have the surgery on my left eye. This means I can't read web pages. I simply followed the search engine to the page and then searched the page for the info on LED's and UVs. I read those sentences and moved on. LOL>