Out of hospital

My goodness. What an experience. Very lucky to have a er doc who was sensitive to lupus and the Lyme I was diagnosed with. Uncontrollable vomiting and nausea had my daughter call the ambulance. Still no reason given why I was so I’ll so suddenly and stopped the same way. My son thinks I over do it. But I can’t have my kids do all the care giving. Summer is just beginning. Not looking forward to the loneliness

Loneliness, Annie? Does everyone leave in the summer? Don't forget to phone a friend once in awhile. And visit us here often. Always people to chat with.

Annie, I am so sorry you went through this strange episode. Loneliness is tough---I know it well. Hang in there---tomorrow is another day. XXOO Lupancatwoman

I feel you there just got out of the hospital this time was a four day adventure. Had severe chest pains thought it was a heart attack but it was pericarditis so I was glad that it was that…then they found some grandulomas on my lungs and spleen i hope it’s not TB test will come back next week. Kidneys and bladder had some infection and was taken care of by the wonder drug we all get prednisone yeah feeling a little invincible right now. Also now I am pre diabetic as well. Man this was a hell of a week.i am glad you had a good doctor because that is important to your recovery. I don’t like it when I go to the er and the doctor says they don’t know much about Lupus it makes me very nervous because my doctors have worked hard to keep me as healthy as I can be. Don’t want that doctor to mess up a good thing.

Its sure is a journey. After the hospital and 1/2 my neighbors saw me hauled out in an ambulance, I started to tell people. To my surprise people have been supportive. We have a pool in back I like to take my son to, lifeguard made a rule, I get the shade!! Very small area shaded if I come, people have to clear out. Felt a little weird about it, but no one minds! Feeling lucky thanks for always listening ladies