Lupus at its best

So today i had a rough day. I am a nursing student currently in my 3rd semester. I have had a lot of health issues this semester. I am almost done but today was a hard reality of what lupus can do. One of my nurses patients had lupus and was in a full blow flare. It was rough seeing her in there so young and I had it many more years than her. Long story short it made me grateful but fearful of what my life can end up as. Everyday i struggle with fatigue and pain somewhere, headaches, nausea, etc all the goodness that comes from this disease. Not to mention I am doing my OB round this semester and learning about all the things that go wrong with women with lupus just made things worse. I joke around about what I have cuz certain people have what I have but its been a struggle. SO many things going on right now and today I came home and showered and almost passed out in the shower and I had chest pain. It makes me scared. Scared for my life and scared that I will never fulfil my dream to become a nurse and help those who need help. Just tired of everything right now. No one knows the struggle of nursing school unless you go through it and no one knows what we go through with lupus unless you have it. Two things in my life that i sometimes feel alone in but i know i have support but sometimes i need more than empathy or sympathy. I need true feedback from someone who knows my pain. Sorry to rant just so tired today. Tired of being sick and tired.... and tired of school. Its so much but i know if i quit (which i have considered doing this semester and goig back when im healthier) i will regret it with all my soul.

Hi ceci

Their are several of us on here who are either nurses or were nurses for many years. It is a struggle to make it thru school but well worth it in the end. Rest when you are not in class. I find when I do not get enough rest every thing is worst.