I awoke with a sore and swollen elbow yesterday, that just got bigger...and bigger...and bigger! Went to GP who diagnosed Olecranon Bursitis, and drained a whole bunch of fluid from it.

Googled the name and guess what ... yup, it's related to Lupus!

Anyone else had this? My Lupus symptoms are sure getting more varied as the months go by ..

Hope everyone is keeping strong



Bursitis can also be related to other things including exercise and just plain ole getting old :>)

I have Bursitis in both hips. Didn’t have this problem until the Lupus started.

Bless your hearts!

Much love!


I have it in both hips and get cortisone injections to help with the pain so I can sleep. As the years of my lupus go on the more symptoms and problems crop up. Lupus seems to bring many more problems with it.

I have bursitis in my right hip. I do cortisone injections as well as physical therapy. It's a total bummer, but just one of the many surprises in the grab bag of crazy ailments that make up our lives.

I have it in both my hips. I know it sucks but hopefully you start to feel better soon.

Hello Anne,

Good discussion because the more different issues discussed not mentioned before gives we a bigger out look at Lupus and i for one have never heard of this before....it can be caused through Trauma also but this link below shows it plain enough with pictures and if you click on them they enlarge.


Otherwise how are you now Anne?

Love Terri xxx

I get that from time to time and have to get cortisone injections, that usually helps me with the pain and swelling

Hello Anne,

I hope your keeping fine and members elp as also helped you but when your able to update we that would also be lovely.

Terri :) xxx