Lupus and ra

Is it common to have both? Still waiting on my results to come back. I know that ra can cause lumps, but can lupus too? I noticed a couple weeks ago that I had lumps on both arms right below my elbow bend. I went to the doc thinking it was from my carpal tunnel. And this is why they are doing all the tests. Now I’ve noticed that the lumps have gotten bigger and more are forming. They almost go down to my wrists on both arms. And I noticed that there are lumps on both of my upper arms as well. They are very painful and it feels like my whole body is swollen. Does anyone know anything about this?

tiffany I don't know what might be causing the lumps but it sure sounds like something the docs need to pay attention to. Can you take a pic to keep in your log-book?

I was getting lumps on my neck...not lymph nodes, but just crazy ol' pockets of fluid for no apparent reason. But mine were not painful.

about being swollen: yep. it comes with the territory. but there might be different reasons or causes, right, so please ask doc...some swelling they have to treat and some we just have to deal with---unless there are natural remedies...and I am willing to bet there are....natural cure anyone? anyone? I am finally willing to look into alternative cures even if not covered by insurance... for instance: apple cider vinegar "with the mother" with water seems to be helping me with a few things

I also have both RA and Lupus, Lupus seems to be dominant. I also have Sjogrens and my doctor can’t tell me which one started all the problems. The swelling is a daily part of my life, some days better than others. I have also had one lump (size of an egg) removed from lower part of my spine, and am watching another for changes. Those are completely different from the small nodules that show up around or close to some of my joints. I also am open to natural remedies if anyone has any ideas or experience. I am broke, so that dictates which meds I take and what I can afford to try.
As Janice says, TAKE PICTURES & KEEP RECORDS sometimes it is the only way to show the doctors what you have been dealing with since the last time they saw you. They don’t always listen and/or record what you tell them, so it is important for you to do that, for the good of your own treatment.
I hope you find some answers

Ty guys. So much. every little bit of info helps. This is all new to me. I just bought a notebook today just to record everything that has been happening. And i will be going to the doctor as soon as my results come back. I have no idea how long that will be though. And the natural remedies interest me too. im not on any medication right now since they are trying to figure out whats wrong. which is a little frustrating because I am in so much pain, that it takes everything out of me just to roll out of bed. and then pushing myself through my work day, because i cant afford to take any time off. so im keeping my fingers crossed that the results come back soon and they know whats wrong with me!