Thank you

Want to thank all for talking me through my melt down. since my last post, I have made some changes. I spoke with my manager at work and explained my situation. To my surprise she was understanding. She asked that I bring a note from my Dr so she could put in my file. That would cover me when I had to miss work. She also offered to make me part time if things got bad enough. My training for other areas was bumped up, they are more of a desk type position with some running around but no heavy physical work. Spoke with my husband. Turns out he is worried about me being sick. He feels helpless, and has no idea how to run a home, lol. I reduced my rehab animal load from 6 to 3. I sent the littlest ones to my mentor. She offered to “babysit” the others when I get to feeling real bad. My Dr finally got all the labs and xrays and reports, and has put me on Plaquenil. Just started it last night. He also put me on flexeril for muscle pain/spasm. so far so good…

WOW!! Good for you :slight_smile:

So glad things are working out Stacy! ((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))

Those are all very positive steps! If I were your husband, I would feel helpless too. You just have to make sure you keep communicating :). I’m so glad your doctor put you on Plaquenil and the muscle relaxant. I’m on them and they both help my pain a lot. Here’s to hoping you don’t have very many side effects! We are all really proud of you for taking steps to take care of yourself. We’ll always be here for you. Love and hugs!!


Sounds great for you that they wll work wth you at work Relinquish as much household duties to your hubby as he will do. I am on plaquenil also. My mouth sores are gone and my hair loss has stopped. It did,, at least I believe, did cause my high blood pressure, which is under control.

Go luck to you.


Such good news, Stacy! So glad every situation in your life is improving, despite your health not improving. Wow, you got a lot out of your hubby. I NEVER got that much out of him, though I'm sure he felt that way. Things are looking up for you. If you need to adjust your life, looks like you have ways to do it now.
Best wishes!