Baking soda

This is very weird. I’ve. Been vomiting since 4am and full butterfly hurtful rash. I was crying and. Husband is maintenance guy and left work at 7am came back to the house with baking soda and said drink with water. It took a couple hours I stopped vomiting. And I. Went on google and your supposed to add baking soda to sauce pan with hot water and wash rash,which I did,however its very painful at first so don’t wash it off. Tolerate the pain. Well my rash is half gone. I’m still waiting. However I went on to read add maple syrup and baking soda in saucepan and boil and it supposed to shrink tumors. Well I figured I would post of what I’m learning because my family won’t let me give up.

good! I used to use baking soda on my kids when they got poison ivy...i made a paste out of it and dabbed it on the rash. I am sorry you have to go through all this but very glad you have so much support