A gotta read LOL

Mother N Law dropped off the ginger ROOT!! ROOT IT WAS!! that thing stunk and is

ugly. I boiled that piece of yuck and added honey to it and drank that aftertaste

2 1/2 cups today and my left ear is no longer aching as bad as it was.

My husband comes home for lunch, and of course looks on the stove, and says

"Oh yeah" Ive had this before, because hes hillbilly West Virginia, then my 16 1/2

year old son came home after school, opened the lid, smelled it and said

"Hell no"!! LOL, that face he made, even though its stinky, icky, smelly,and UGLY

I will continue to drink the mess for a while because me ear feels pretty good :)

Thanks Janice for this delightful drink :)

Good One! Janice knows her remedies, LOL…glad ur ear feels better, that is GREAT! My son would’ve did the same, actulally all 3 prob. would have, LOL…Hey as long as it works, u keep drinking it! G’Night! {{HUGS}} Suzie :0)

cool! I am so glad it helps!

I like the way it tastes and smells, but my daughter is like you---she cant stand it.

Another way to make it for when you are sick and need to sooth is to put the ginger (about the size of a wine cork) into a crock pot and add a few grains (a tablespoon) of brown rice to the pot.

it is good to have to sip thought the day when you're feeling sick--when you feel like you've been put through the wringer