Bad luck

Well last night I fell in my living room because someone left something in the floor and I trip on it and fell. I hurt my left shoulder. I went to grab the couch and when I did it pulled my arm all the way back. Then I hit the floor. Talk about pain. The doctor thinks I messed up my rotary cuff. This is just great. I swear it is one thing after the other. Why can’t I just go several days without something happening. I feeling kind of stressed and depressed right now. The doc gave me pain medicine and a muscle relaxer. He said come back in a week and my range of motion is not better than he wants a MRI. I hope it is nothing. I go on vacation Sept 10th to Unversal Studios for a whole week. I can’t have my arm giving me issues. Please pray that it heals quickly.

Kim I am so sorry! Man. That really...ugh. I am sorry. are you right or left handed? not that it makes it less of a problem. I never knew how much my non dominant hand did till i couldn't use it as much.

Please stay in touch and we will try to keep your spirits up.

I am up (it is 4 am here–my usual getting up hour. I just wanted to let you know that i am thinking about you and you are in my prayers. Hope you begin to feel better soon and that you find relief while you heal.