Hello Again Friends!

Hi everyone!

I just had to post here tonight...I got a terrific bit of freedom at the doctor's today. They gave me a new cast and this one doesn't come so far down over my fingers. (I broke my arm a while back, in the silliest little fender bender, no one was hurt except me, thankfully) But at last I'm no longer stuck with single finger keyboard action. YAY! Talk about feeling free! You know, it's amazing how much we can take something for granted til we lose it for a while!

I have really been enjoying the great discussions here though, and learning so much from so many of you. All the friendly interaction, the tips and secrets and medical info; and mostly all the sincere caring shown here have done so much to keep me from feeling too sorry for myself, I thank each and every one of you for your input.

Those of you who have been having hard times are constantly in my prayers, I honestly hope and pray things get easier for you very soon. Sometimes sharing heartache or pain feels like the very last thing we might want to do, but the strength you show by being here and sharing does so much for so many...and I am sure there are a LOT who benefit from your sharing, that we don't even know about, as they are silent friends. But you help us all.

Well my newly freed fingers are a bit tired so I will hush for now. But hello again and everyone please take care!

how cool...i just said to myself, "I wonder how my dear friend with broken arms is doing..." and I opened my mail and there you were. I am sooo glad you are doing better. How much longer will you have to wear a cast?

It is so nice to hear your evoice again.

Enjoy your rest as best you can; can't wait to hear from you, my friend!

Hello there Janice!

As always, your message made me smile. Thank you!

In answer to your question, when I asked the doctor how much longer he wouldn't commit to a time frame. It seems I'm a slow healer. Gee I wonder why that might be the case?!? <smirk> Anyway, I'm sure, based on what he has told me that I've got another eight weeks at least. <sigh> Boy oh boy, if we could just do a little time travel, and go back to a place and time to fix things, eh?

Well thank you again, Janice, for your warm welcome. As always, I look forward to hearing your wisdom and kindness expressed here.

Be safe