Arthritis and medicine

I recently started having joint pain in my right hand. In which I am right handed. SOmetimes hard for me to pick up a jug of water, pick up a regular pan for cooking. It aches all day long, and really stiff in the morning. NOT fun at all. Question is what are my options for pain? Im new to this and hate taking pills. But its a part of life, I know.

I agree with John. Wrapping my hand in a warm heating pad for 1/2 hour helps. Also if it wakes me up during the night, I apply Biofreeze - a gel in a tube.

Thank you for your help. Ive tried Advil, it doesnt work. I will try heat not ice. I go to the dr this morning for a check up, so I will let him know.

If over the counter meds no longer work for you, talk to your dr about Celebrex. I have taken it for years and it has little side effects but works extremely well for me. Good luck!

After hand surgery, I was given a compression glove to wear to help prevent scarring from the stitches. I found that it also helped squeeze the retained fluid out of my hands and the warmth eased the pain. They are spandex like material with the finger tips cut off so you can wear them while doing most things, and they come in a nude color so they aren't so noticeable. They are turned inside out so the seams are on the outside and can't rub. I got mine from the physical therapist, but you can find them in catalogs that sell health aids of for aging supplies. Sorry, I can't remember any names.

I have three non-drug things I do to help with wrist and hand pain. I have what are called crafter's glove. They are a compression glove with only mild constriction. I have wrist braces. OTC and don't remember the brand. It's the one my drug store carries and I am in Canada. I often where them overnight just to support my wrist while I sleep. It is usually less painful by morning. The third thing is Volatarin amogel. It is an OTC anti-inflammatory cream. I find it reduces the pain almost immediately. Use it sparingly because there is an NSAID in it that is absorbed into the skin. I am already on 500 mg. of Naproxin twice daily so can't take any more NSAIDs. I do take Tyelon arthritis at night so I don't wake up in the middle of the nigh in pain.

I hope you find something that works for you.

We also have a support group for Psoriatic Arthritis:

Hi Tray,

I hope what members have mentioned will help one way or another besides Scott's link....myself all i keep taking is Parectamol which was prescribed for the pain and swelling and each day just hope for the best.

Love Terri xxx

i like tiger balm it helps me

HI try, sorry that yu are going throgh this . But there are alot of this that will come along with this LUPUS stuff !!! sorry to say -smile When i was first having that pain in my hands i would sit with a heating pad wrapped around my hand , and now of course i have to sleep with it daily ( on my entire body ) The meds., that the doctor gave to me really don't help / but they do relaxe me enough to fall asleep, (sometime). I've even wore gloves around the house , just to keep my hands from getting cold , along with execrising them through out the day (open -close motion ) . Dealing with LUPUS ,for now a year is hard at times but hay ! it not going to kill me, for the fight of strength and hope is what i live for !!!!!!! Hope that this comfort you in some way ?? eventhoguh it wasn't any advice!!! Just hang in there and visit you doctor !!! ... Beverly L.

I went to the doctor. He asked how I was feeling, and this time I was brutely honest. NAuseas, hand and body hurts, so whatcha gunna do to fix me now? He looked at me, with the craziest look. And gave me a prescription for tramadol. Really? SO lets mask the pain, and not try to fix or subside the issue. Hmmmm... the "pain dr" told me I need celebrex. I dont take much meds as it is, so Im mad.

Oh Tray,

I have laughed at your bruteness with your doctor "Good on ya mate"....i did it with my rheumo last time i went and he could'nt wait to get me out the door.

There again your issue is still none the wiser...i do feel for you.

Love Terri xxx

That is always my greatest fear...going to the doctor...hopeful for real help..and not getting it. I am beginning to wonder if there is a shortage of rheumatologists since it takes months to get in. Does the med colleges not see this? They need more doctors trained in these issues we all face. I know some who have taken tramadol and they get some relief.,..BUT I had seizures...called the dr after talking to my pharmacist and he walked me through what to do..I no longer take it. I am an exception because of my sensitivity to med...but now I approach all new meds with CAUTION! Tray...I do hope you get some relief. Once a physical therapist told me about the warm wax treatment, available in most drug stores...apparently the warmth gives results to many.