Joint pain help

I have never really had a lot of joint pain, except in my hiips. For the past few days my joints have been hurting and aching more than ever. What do you do to help the pain? Do you put cold packs or hot packs on them? The weiird thing is its mostly only on my right side. And my right leg is like crapping or something, sharp shooting pain. Im trying to hold off on the pain pillls. Im tired of pills for this and pills for that! Lol!! ;) thanks for the help!

Ii have ALOT of joint and muscle pain and I use a cream from Wal-Greens called BLU EMU. It works really well for me.

Sandra Riendeau

I experience the same symptoms. Thx for the question and ^ for potential solution.

I have exactly the same thing. Heat works for me the best. Massage the muscles if you can. Do you have any rashes. My joints get worse with cutaneous lupus hives I get sometimes.

Thanks for the suggestion! I can hardly walk the pain is so bad when i do. No rashes that ive seen. But i have dark patches on my feet. Showed my docs and they didnt say anything about it.

Omg I’ve been going through the same thing as well but on my left side. Sigh! It feels like no matter what pill I take helps it. I stretch so I won’t have a muscle spasm, and I put on those heat therapy patches. I just try to tough it out as best as I can. The pain is becoming pretty annoying lol so I think I might go to the doctors, even though they’re sick of me :confused:

I have the same thing and it's on my rt. side as well. I get a heating blanket and wrap up in that for awhile and that generally helps. Aleve also helps me. Stretches would probably be a good thing to do as well.

I also get the same types of pain & feeling you are describing. The cramping feeling, for me, is when I am dehydrated or low on potassium. I am allergic to artificial sweeteners & bananas bother my stomach so I make sure to take potassium & drink more water. If not allergic to artificial sweeteners try to drink a sports drink like Gatorade or Powerade and eat a banana.

I use something similar Blu Emu it is called Bio Freeze (can get it from a chiropractor or some hospital gift shops) or Wal-Mart has what I call a generic of it called Zim's Max-Freeze.

Another thing that helps me is a visit to the chiropractor. I realize some people are not comfortable with chiropractors but there are several different techniques that chiropractors use. I have been going to a chiropractor that uses the more physical manipulation (the pushing on the back, twisting of the neck) since I was 8 to help with migraines. While I was in college I went to a chiropractor that used what looked like a miniature pogo stick to gently thump the vertebrae in place. A friend of mine described it as less traumatizing (lol) because she hated thought of getting her back cracked.

Before I was formally diagnosed with Lupus & Dr. couldn't figure out what was going on a friend of mine took me to a chiropractor that did biofeedback & acupuncture. I am (or was) terrified of needles but at the time I was in so much pain & had such severe edema (it felt like my skin was going to rupture every time I took a step) I didn't care what anyone did to me as long as I got relief. I can't say as I was cured -as some people with other ailments claimed - but I experienced more relief than expected. Another friend that has fibromyalgia swears by massage therapy.

I realize that a majority of us have very limited incomes & if have insurance things such as chiropractic care, biofeedback &/or acupuncture may not be covered. I read a few months ago that some insurance companies are starting to recognize chiropractic care, massage therapy & acupuncture as legitimate medical treatments. It may not hurt to look into.

Apologize for the length reply but I understand what you are going through. A person just gets to the point when get sick & tired of being sick & tired. Hang in There & Take Care.

I too just started with some more physical manipulation techniques. I will let you know how it goes, but I was amazed how much he pointed out was “out of whack” so to speak.

My heels hurt so badly, especially on the sides. He explained after his eval, without me even mentioning my feet specifically, that my Achilles’ tendon was practically glued to my heel, making it so painful to walk. He worked at it and it did help. I need to see him again because I’m back to severe foot pain (2 weeks post last tx). He also put titanium patches all over my back and neck. They are supposed to relax muscles. You can buy them yourself too. They fall off after a few days-week. I’m actually trying to hunt down the extras he gave me (stupid lupus brain) so I can put more on and see if I get some relief.

My knee joint was really bothering me. I, like you, only recently have noticed joint issues. He said my fibula was out if place and adjusted and that was immediate improvement.

Like I said, I’ve only gone once so far, but I’ll keep you posted if it does help.

I also spoke with a friend who says the acupuncturist she goes to has a sliding payment scale based on your income. It may be worth calling some in your area to see if they offer anything like that.

Good luck!! I hope you get some relief.

Heating pad, and I use avon achy muscle footworks cream.

the dark patches on your feet could be addisons

Louters said:

Thanks for the suggestion! I can hardly walk the pain is so bad when i do. No rashes that ive seen. But i have dark patches on my feet. Showed my docs and they didnt say anything about it.

Thank you all!! I am planning to see my doctor again soon. Its getting so old goong to the clinic for this the clinic for that.... I am in the middle of working of prednisone and i am currently at 7mg i was at 20mg. Ever since working off its been one thing after another. Right now its joint pain and severe fatigue i can sleep all day and all night. But my kidney doctor isnt convinced its lupus and that once off the prednisone all thats been going on this past year was just something else. But my other doc is 100% its lupus and thinks ill never get off prednisone. Such a roller coaster!

I can relate to the hip pains and it is on my right side too ,Me too hate taking all these pills and side effects from each one,My weight will not go not go down and predisone is the worst thing on the market with all the side effects. I thought the pain from my hips was coming from me sleeping on it but it is not. Some people I imagine don't have any meds to take for their conditions,That BLU emu is good at Walmart.