Anyone Had Iron Deficiency?


Just got latest blood test results and my iron seems to be "tanking". Over last 3 months:

"Iron" has dropped from 25.1 to 15.6 to now 8.3 (range 5.0-30.0 umol/L), with the main reductions being:

Ferritin - dropped from 157 to 121 to 38 (range 30-500 ug/L), and

Saturation - dropped from 43 to 37 to 16 (range 10-45 %).

Has anyone had something similar - what are your thoughts about cause and how to handle?

I am now taking Ferro-Grad C supplements, starting today.



Good afternoon. My iron levels were almost non existent .... was sent to hematologist for further testing and ended up having ferritin infusions. Doc said that it could be handled with oral ferritin, but would take too long and he was concerned. It was strange because even with the low iron levels, I was not anemic. So, who knows. Anyway, I would suggest you see a hematologist. Then, after the extensive blood work that was done, I was sent to an endrocronolgist for adrenal insuffiency. Ahhhhh, and so it goes. All these mariad of problems are lupus related. Good luck, and I really hope you contact a hematologist.

God bless and have a gentle day.


Yep same here except I also had low platelets, low WBCs and low RBCs Lots of work up but no definite reason why. I also developed pernicious anemia (lack of B12) so now get monthly injections as well as iron infusions every several months For some reason I don't absorb the iron through the GI tract.

I too am in the same boat. Low Ferritin, iron, saturation, platlets etc. I take integra plus (iron) vit D, B and C. They keep things just above low most of the time. My Doctors main concern was that my iron and iron “storage” was so low despite that I no longer have a monthly cycle. I had a hystorectomy when I was 27. No reall answer as to what causes it, but you are not alone :slight_smile:

Hi Dkel!

I noticed that your results might still be in the normal range according to what you posted above. Is that true? If so, then is your concern that if it continues to drop you'll go way low?

When I was low my doctor prescribed Ferrous Sulfate 325mg 2x per day. That did the trick for me and brought it back up. I believe you can get it over the counter as well. :)

The only iron supplement that ever worked for me was Slow Fe iron supplement. For whatever reason that would bring my iron up when nothing else would. Of course that was all pre-lupus.......interestingly enough since the lupus diagnosis my hemoglobin & hematocrit and iron have been stable.

Were your hemoglobin and hematocrit still in the normal range?

I sure hope your doctor gets to the bottom of this soon. I will pray!

I am dealing with anemia & very low iron.
Now I’m on Integra Plus, a iron & B12
med. It’s working pretty good for me.
I was also having bad hair loss due to
the anemia & low iron, seems to be better
since I started Integra