Hello all:)so apparently now im very anemic:/ I'll see my primary today , maybe she send me back to my hematologist or just handle the issue for me?? There's several different types of it so not sure what type I have or what the treatment would be... have any of you developed animia as your lupus has gotten worse?

Hey Dawncelest! I am very anemic too and have to take iron to get my hemoglobin to a somewhat normal number. My PCP tests me often to make sure my levels are alright. Us Lupians have a tendency to be anemic for some reason and I’m sure you already know but it makes us very tired. I can tell when my iron is getting really low because I get really fatigued and I’ll get picca that’s when I chew a lot of ice. It’s weird but a side affect of being really anemic for some of us. My PCP suggest I take an iron supplement when my iron gets really low and to always eat green leafy vegetables. Best of luck to you let us know what happened at your appointment take care!

Im at my primary Drs house (Jen is one of my bff’s) tonight for some girl time and to go over my blood work and concerns… apparently my rhuemy’s office never set her the labs from 6/3/14…it was 4 days after I got out of the hospital so id think these particular labs would be important !!! maybe even offer some insight to why this flare was so much more devastating than my usual bi monthly severe flare:/ so when I said "so what should we do about my animia?"jen had no idea what I was talking about… Thankfully University of Miami Sylvester has an on line record system so she could see all labs done that day and before to compare. She was shocked how low all the red cells were , said im very anemic and need to see my hematologist ASAP! She also thinks it’s time for the bone marrow biopsie .I’ve been putting this off since Johns Hopkins told me I needed it done ASAP January. I’ll call first thing in the morning for the hematologist appt. I haven’t seen her in 2 years since I started getting sick, she’s also at UM. She’s very smart ,it was her suspicion I had some sort of autoimmune diseases going on and she referred me to my now rheumatologist. Im blessed to be able to be seen an treated by such intelligent, caring Dr’s that practice cutting edge medicine but im sooo tired of having new condition pop up every week! Im just getting used to the blow of osteopina in all of my bones and now this, never ends. Jen and I also went over my shoulder MRIs tonight , I have a subchondral cyst in the bone marrow of my left shoulder… from what I understand it’s caused by osteoarthritis disease and prior rotator cuff tears which I did have last year…guess the OA has begun :frowning: theres also subchondral/subdeltoid inflammation in both sides probably caused by the tendontious . Never a dull moment:)

this might sound stupid but have they tried giving you procrit to boost red blood cell production?? some immunosuppressants cause anemia, for me that was the culprit, while procrit helped with the red blood cell production it still didn't do much for the fatigue. I opted to try it to avoid the bone marrow biopsy, which I've still not had. Good luck to you stay strong take care of yourself.

Have they tryed iron tablets that is what is controlling mine

My anima is definitely not iron deficiency, she could tell by whatever lab shows the size of the cell…This is a mew condition for me so I’ll have to see what my hematologist wants to do. Like I said she’s really smart so I trust her:). I’ve been mildly anemic in the past year on and off , my red blood cells would always return to the normal range. But not its my hemoglobin, hemocrat and RBC that’s all very low abnormal and has be the last few times consecutively …im definitely not oxygenating properly either and my blood/palates have been super thick and sticky so something is definitely wrong:/started plavix a few weeks ago so hopefully that will help something:)

The right Diet can also help boost your RBC. Typically red meats help but having lupus this can also cause inflammation. There are a lot of vegetables that will help your anemia so look into that

I too have anemia and the drs cant figure out why. I know you are feeling puny, so you should make time to nap that has been the biggest help to me for one hour every afternoon I shut off the house phone and lay down for one hour. I don't always sleep sometimes I just lay there and think about things . Hope that helps God Bless

I'm anemic but it was discovered right before I was officially diagnosed with Lupus. Initially I didn't take anything for it, but as time went on I guess you can say it's gotten worse so I take Ferrous Sulfate 2x a day for it