Any Scientists out there?

I can't turn my brain off today (well, most days) but a thought just hit me. GMO's (Genetically Modified Foods--ok why O not F?) are messed with to produce genetically superior foods that can resist invaders---we eat them--are they causing our DNA to change or turn on a gene that sees our bodies as the invaders and get's to work. I know that's the basis for how these diseases work...and maybe my supperimmune system has attacked some cancer or other cells that shouldn't be there but it shouldn't be wiping our the whole lot. Anyway--we shouldn't be messing with what God made for us to eat. We are playing God for the almighty dollar...grow fast, grow cheap...put everyone else out of business, make lots of money....damn the consequences that we may alter whole industries or farming a thing of the past (with it's wholesome, nutrient packed yields). Why are we doing this? to buy cheap food that sits in our fridge and rots while other parts of the world starve, while we take jobs from local farmers, while we make so much junk food that is killing us in a whole other way.

Stop the Madness!

Good question. My opinion is that it could be any number of things that cause our system to go wacko. One thing could very well be things like that. Someday research may tell.

Hi Pam, after watching an HBO documentary recently on this subject, I discussed it in length with a friend of mine. The huge corporation who is best known for this globally is still putting out commercials, warm fuzzy ones, about how they are helping America's farm families to feed us, so I guess we are doomed.

This documentary went on to say that in the 'end of the world seed banks' there are no genetically modified seeds, only the true seeds of old, before any tampering was done. Mass amounts of this already grown food was offered to starving countries and it was turned down flat.

This corporation also manufactured Agent Orange, and that was not the only agent, they had them nearly every color of the rainbow, we just hear about the Orange. For legal purposes let's just say the name starts with an M.

You are very right to be concerned about this, it affects us right down to our DNA.

Wishing you a good day,


PS Even the seeds we purchase for our own gardens can be genetically modified.