Weakness in one arm

I keep getting this thing where my left arm will feel so weak I can’t move it for a minute or two and it will feel like it’s really hot and burning and then after it is weaker than my other arm but I can move it again… I hope I explained it well has anyone else had this?? It’s happened to me 3 times in a week now so it wasn’t a one off…

I notice my left forearm feels weaker. I haven't noticed any burning first like you describe. My rheumie said my arthritis is worse on my left side. I've had carpel tunnel surgery on both hands, and my left has always been weaker. Mine actually causes me to drop things, I've actually considered replacing my drinking glasses with plastics because I have trouble grasping.

Also I keep getting a really uncomfortable feeling in that arm sometimes I can’t get it comfortable if that makes sense

Right arm has been having some pain and stabbing pins and needles. I thought it was neuropathy from lupus. Turns out its compressed nerves from osteoarthritis in my neck. The cort shots helped. However I have to watch how I hold my head. Because, if it's not just so the pins and needles start--like an electric shock. I was treated by Physical Medicine doc.

You got to hold on.

Cayleigh, what you are going through I know has you concerned. I'm so sad you are having these things happen. Have you seen a neurologist, or had any nerve conduction studies done? Spinal CT or MRI? It could be plain old inflammation is pinching a nerve, or something more serious. I don't want to scare you, but am going to share some information below.

There is help. You have to be proactive to get it. Arthritis in your cervical(neck) spine area can put pressure on the spinal cord, and/or nerve roots coming out of facet joints, and affect your face, head, neck, arms and hands, depending on what level of the spine has issues. So can bulging discs, spinal stenosis, and degenerative disc disease. If no one has done it yet, that area may need checking.

And, a well trained highly skilled physical therapist can be a huge blessing. They will not only do hands on body work, but be able to work you up a stretching and strengthening program to do at home.

At one point everything I was dealing with was blamed on my diabetes. Then fibro and myofascial pain disorder. I know better now! But no one really stood up for me to push helping me. It took it getting into terrible shape, becoming nearly unable to walk, and then losing all function on one side before help arrived. I was quite fortunate I didn't end up totally paralyzed.

The point is, get it sorted out now, before it ever progresses to that kind of place. I wouldn't wish it on anyone. Yes, lupus can affect our nervous systems. But you can have co existing conditions that need to be seen clearly.

hugs, and please let us know how it goes?

Now that you mention it I do have some soreness on the top of my spine just below my neck… I’m seeing my rheumatologist on the 12th so ill let him know what is going on and hopefully he will do something about it

Hi, don’t wait to see if this stop! Go to the ER, if you can’t get a appointment with your doctor-soon…Beverly L.

are you on methotrexate because I was on it and had the same symptoms stopped taking it and it went away I researched and that medicine can have symptoms that mimic a stroke like weakness on one side. but mine was my whole left side so im not sure

no im not on that medication... i had the weakness again this morning it woke me up for some reason and i definitely wasnt laid on that side so its not me causing myself a dead arm... ive now been left with a kind of residual weakness its a really strange feeling... my spine is still sore so maybe it is nerve related... i did have pain in that arm last time i went to hospital with chest pains aswell (it wasnt a heart attack they think it was costochondritis) i also had the tingling in my arm aswell and it was burning this morning then went cold when it happnened

Ok new symptom… Vibrating sensation in my right leg… It’s very strange… Nerves?? Along with everything else I’m so glad I’m seeing my rheumatologist on Friday