Waking up dizzy and sick from naps

Does this happen to anyone else?

For the past few weeks, when I wake up from a daytime nap (I work overnights) I wake up very dizzy, nauseous, fast heart rate, and just overall sick as if I had motion sickness, but just from simply opening my eyes and not moving much if at all.

It seems like every few days I have new symptoms. And everything is progressing very fast just over these past few months.

I used to work overnights as well, I would get this way if I didn't get enough rest/sleep the doctor suspected it was exhaustion, so I finally was forced to take 1 entire day to do nothing but sleep, it helped me a lot.

I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s what it is. I’ve never slept well since high school. Now even the few days I try to just sleep I can’t. It’s like a catch-22.

Hello, Natasha. I have the same conditions as you. Some times I feel as if I'm loosing it; meaning I have no control over how I will fill from day to day or from am to pm. It frustrating. I get to bed early, then wake up extremely fatigue, stiff, with aches and pain. Some nights I have low grade fever with sweets then ice hands and feet. Some nights I cannot sleep at all due to the pain, I toss and turn from side to side to trying to sleep on my back. Thank you for your post you are not alone.

There for awhile I was waking up with nausea and dizziness, I thought I was pregnant for awhile which freaked me out haha but in the end I found it wasnt that. I find taking it slow as soon as I wake up helps and to have water with ginger root in it by my bed and sip a little helps with feeling sick. But found nothing to help the dizziness.

Hi I’m new here and reading everybody’s comments. I can’t believe how our symptoms can change all the time. I’m on so much medicine I’m not sure what was causing what. I’m so glad I found this website. I’m beginning not to feel so alone anymore. Hugs