Vitamin d

Two months ago, I was tested vit D deficient and required 50,000 units weekly for two months now I am a maintenance dose of 2,000 units daily. My rheumatologist said it my or may not be Lupus related so I did not think much of it. I just read a monthly news letter put out by, there is valuable info concerning vit d and lupus regarding the importance of getting tested and treated. If your vit d level has not been checked, please have it done, and check out that site, together we can support and help each other.

I TOO am vitamin d deficient and vit b 12 I need to take a shot once a month for that and had the same dose for vit d

Hi, I’m Mesh a and. I just wanted to say yes having low vit D has a lots to do with Lupus because we get vit D from the sun but by use having to use sunblock when we go out it blockes it so we don’t get it not why they don’t tell use that but I looked it up my self.

I too take 2000 units of D every day. I get the vitamin B12 shoits once a month as well. I have noticed a little difference in my energy but not to much. Like today I tooka 4 hour nap and I am still tires…

Checking my D level was one of the first things my Dr. did. I am starting to like Her more and more.

I also am Vit D deficient I take 50,000 unit pills a week for it. My level is 16 and should be between 35 and 40 according to my rhumy. I also take 1,200 mg of calicum a day for the brittle bones. I just had an apponitment with my doctor and am waiting to see if we need to up it or not will find out Monday!!!

I have severe osteoporosis from steroids. Yes low Vit D can be from steroid and from lupus and sunscreens. Our bodies make D from exposure to the sun. For me, I can't go outside so I have to take large amount of Vit D supplement.

Get your bone density checked (scan). Important!. Mine wasn't checked for 7 years. However, I'm taking Reclast for it. Supposed to help.