Vitamin D levels

So my vit D came back at 20. Normal is 30-100… Now what? N what does vit D deficiency contribute to?

you just need to take vit d pills. they help with energy, bone pain, and overall health. a bunch of things. I felt so much better after getting the vitamins. My levels don't go up much but i still feel better. i am at 14 but started at 12. progress. I take 50,000u a week. has to be prescription to work best

If your doc is competent, with a vit D number of 20, they should get you taking the prescription vitamin D 50,000u stat. My number is 19 and it totally correlates with lupus symptoms and the severity of our bone pain. That amount for as long as it takes to get your number up to the 50-60range will absolutely help. My specialist wants me even to get to a 100 number ideally! So bring it up asap with your doctor. It should really help with symptoms of pain and fatigue. If you want more info, definitely look up vitamin D and lupus at places like and you’ll understand the importance even more. Hope this helps you!! Oh and the 50,000u is unfortunately around 30-40 bucks, so if you’re poor like me just be prepared it won’t be cheap like a generic med :(. Good luck!! Love your way.

Walmart has vit d 50,000u 4 pills for $6.21. Cheapest I’ve found.

I think most of us have vitamin D lower than normal I take a supplement

I also take a Vit D supplement of 2000 mg per day. Also take B complex. Not sure which one is helping but I do feel better. I had a very hard time getting my Vit D levels up but they finally did move after taking the megadose of 50,000 for a couple of weeks.

I’m always tied and drained , I think I will try both Vit B D. Couldn’t hurt I’ve tried everything. Else.

I wonder how often you test your vit d levels. Mine haven’t been tested in years but on 50,000 u a week the whole time. Seems like they might want to check. How often are yours checked while on medicine?

Hi everyone, My vitamin D levels were just checked for the very first time after years of pain and fatigue----came back 4.4! Hope to god the 50,000 mgs (1x’s weekly) helps me with symptoms. I had to ask my Rhumy for the test!!!

Wow ann … I actually just read that article this morning when I did a search. Thank u!

Bootoo… Geez I thought mine was low. I had to ask for the test too.

Hi. Mine was this low too when I started out. Oh you poor thing. Do you feel awful? Mine was actually a bit lower. Try Biotics Bio D mulsion forte. Its emulsified for better absorption. My Natural Doc had me on a high level for the first few months to get me up higher faster, now I take 2000 IU a day which is a just a drop. My levels now are in the 80s or 90s and that is what my dr. likes for those struggling with "chronic illness" Let me know if you need a link to the product.

take care

Things will get better. vitamin d is a big one :)

Anna that’s good advice. I’ve been on vit d 50,000 u for 5 yrs and it was checked twice but five years ago both times. So 5 yrs on 50,000u without a check. Every 3-6 months? Who knows what it is now. My dr said he didn’t Care what the levels were since you can’t overdose on it. Smh. Doctors frustrate me to the end. Can’t wait til next appt to straighten some things out.

Well thanks for that. I will definitely have it checked. Since my kidneys only work 50 percent maybe that makes it worse. Either way, I will get it tested. Thanks for the knowledge!

My DH doesn't have lupus, but he has to take vitamin D prescription supplements all of the time. His blood tests show low levels of vitamin D in his blood time and time again.

I haven't had my levels tested, but I take a multivitamin and hope that takes care of me.


Well I’m taking 2,000iu daily until I hear back from my rheumy. Is that too much?

Ok so wait. I am a nurse yet so dumb when it comes to vitamins. I am taking d2 not d3. Never had d3. Is d3 better, do we need both? Thanks for taking the energy and time to type it all out for us. It’s great to have someone who knows this much about vitamin d. This should be a permanent post on the board about vitamin d so everyone can read it.
I soaked in the tub in hot water trying to get relief from bone pain for over a year while drs shook their heads. Finally a dr heard about vit d and in a week that bone pain was gone. Such a simple thing with such a vast benefit. Plus it gave me energy. This is a gold mine of info!

That’s great you are putting info together. My hope is that some day all drs will have access to library of standards of care for all diseases that would have info like this. Drs don’t spend the amount of time with patients anymore to include all the you need to knows. With today’s technology it would be so easy to have pre-printed info forms and computer access to all the standard agreed upon information for each disease. It would solve so much living with pain and disease issues with clarification upfront. It just requires effort to gather it. I am so glad you are doing that for vitamin d. Btw, my nutrition final in nursing school was eating Thai food at a restaurant with the class. Smh. There ya have it. Endocrinology never mentioned vitamin d as a hormone. Definitely lacking in schools. So grateful to get the info here.

Ann, my hubby was given Victoza, by his doctor, and it put him in kidney failure. He is also a type 2 diabetic by family genetics. He is on a one pill a month prescription dose.


My vitamin D levels are at 20 as well. I'm on the prescription 50,000 units pill once a week.


Ann A. said:


This link is to the web page that contains the clinical guidelines for endocrinologists. Their vitamin D recommendations were a response to Food and Nutrition Board of the IOM 2011 guidelines they reflect substantial disagreement and emphasize the difference between recommendations for the general public that show up and food labels and what should be done for individual patients in clinical settings.…