It's back

Hello friends- sorry I haven’t kept in touch for a few days. I caught Round 2 of the flu. But this time it came back with the vengeance!! I haven’t been that sick in a long time. I’m going on week 3 and I still have a cough and upset stomach. I saw my Rheum Dr and she was a little upset that I’d let it go on this long. I guess I just was so preoccupied with everything else, that I thought it’d go away on it’s own. She tells me that my immune system is already trying to over- compensate, and with the certain meds I’ve been taking, lowers my immunity even more. Maybe it’s a little bit of denial that I still go through. I know I don’t feel good most of the time, and that I can’t do things I used to before. But every now and then that little voice inside me says, “Ok, you have this disease, it’s not going anywhere, so just accept it.” All of us here can relate to one another, in some way. But I believe things like this happen to strong people. And as long as we stick together, we can all put up a good fight! Bless You ALL my dear friends! And don’t forget, take your vitamins, limit stress, and go to your Drs when you know that something just doesn’t feel right. Take care ALL, and many hugs 

((((Tommie)))) i am so glad to hear from you and so sorry you have been sick. I wish i could send you a cup of chicken soup.

I know exactly what you mean about accepting a certain amount to discomfort though---i get sick and figure, "oh well, I know I don't feel well so why report yet another problem." But you are right--we still have to keep the docs up to date and go see them when we need to.

please rest as much as poss and take care. we will still be here when you feel stonger