The cold and lupus

I know colder temperatures and lupus don't get along, but how many of you suffer from bone soreness/stiff fingers in the cold? I was in my grocery store today and it was freezing. I noticed that my fingers became almost frozen and incredibly stiff, as well as my feet and toes. It was almost hard to walk. This is the one time I was happy to step out into humid & hot weather, because it almost seemed to defrost my bones, haha!

Hello Lark,

With me it's not just my Lupus that reacts like this it's my raynauds being combined's been warm here the last week and my joints have been swollen etc and my fingers painful the same as winter and if i do go out with my hubby any store containing freezers i keep well away from as i go stone cold but swapping from one heat to another affects us very seriously especially our joints.

Actually lark we're in a no win situation with both's enough to drive you soft.

Bless you though mate i do feel for you and yes all these symptoms occur for a large majority of us.

Hugs & kisses Terri xxx

Hi Lark,

Oh yes painful fingers, feet and toes are part of my issues. My hubby has taken over doing most of the shopping in the grocery store because of the cold temp and my inability to lift objects. On top of the pain, I have trouble gripping items and am constantly dropping things on the floor...which creates problems bending over and losing my balance. Yes, I love to sit in the car after such a trip and soak in the heat to get warm! Otherwise, I cannot take heat. It sounds like I'm talking out both sides of my mouth..LOL.

Anne made an excellent point of wearing socks....I have to wear them with my Birki's. My feet kill me in any other shoes. I always have an extra wrap or shawl to use in a restaurant. Last summer when I was in Colorado for our daughter's wedding, although I couldn't breath (had to have oxygen 24/7) I was pain free....strange to understand. I too am affected by the barometer, esp extreme weather. My heart goes out to you and I hope you can get relief. Have you thought of wearing thermal gloves inside while you are shopping? If it is any comfort are definitely not alone in your misery. Love to you, Faye


I'm glad you posted this : ) I experiencing this daily, as I go to work and bake in the warehouse and then come home to the air conditioning that I can't wait to get into. Sometimes I will go outside to warm up after I've been home for awhile. When I get home and rest, I stiffen up and have trouble getting up and get moving again. My feet and ankles get very stiff and I've noticed my knees getting more achy as well.



Your experience is a valuable resource to those of us newbie lupies. I appreciate your sharing with us.


Hi Trisha,

I've found my body can cope in the 60s inside the home as long as it's not humid that's the summer because i could'nt stop out in the summer as i flare to quick, so my hubby as brought me a gazebo to sit under for a short while because when i've sat underneath the brolly the sun till burns through and protection does'nt help much but in doors come winter 80-90s is great and if i set my foot outside i freeze quick with the raynauds it's a terrible life at times.

Love Terri xxx

Hey everyone!

Thank you everyone for your tips and experiences. Next time I'm in the grocery store, I'll definitely wear warmer clothes, not flip-flops!

Hope you're all doing well. <3

Oh bless you lark,

You got me laughing here mate about your flip flops...take me around the refridgerators your talking fur and a good jacket and gloves.

Your welcome to the help of we and learn different temp heats for you body...regarding day and night this is how you know how to adjust to what you need to wear regarding different places also you attend.

Lark said:

Hey everyone!

Thank you everyone for your tips and experiences. Next time I'm in the grocery store, I'll definitely wear warmer clothes, not flip-flops!

Hope you're all doing well. <3