Tendon Pain is Frustrating!

My arthritis flare has ended! Yay! So I’m feeling pretty good unless of course I try to pick up my right arm!! The tendon in my shoulder is not co-operating at all. It is completely pain free when down but try to use the arm for anything…completely useless!!! I’ve only ever has this happen once before and it was about two weeks before I could use the arm. I am so frustrated because my house is a mess and the laundry is piling up from my bad week last week! I wanted to get things sorted out today and this stupid tendon is going to make it difficult!! I’m so frustrated I could cry!! (or swear a lot!!!).

Roni, I am so glad to hear that Lupus flare is over. However there always seem to be some remnant of it left. I am praying for your pain and anguish over your arm. Heres’ hoping it doesn’t last as long this time. Be strong sweetie

wow--what a comfort to hear that i am not the only one whose house gets trashed after a "bad week." Mine is the same way. I feel better today---not as many brain issues...still a little groggy but trying to get electrolytes stable and breathe and RELAX because stress makes it worse.

I did manage to clean off the kitchen table--and yesterday I vacuumed.

But I am down to wearing my "go to an event dress" because there is absolutely nothing clean left to wear.

I am going to rest and then practice a little singing fork meditation at the kitchen sink

Thank you ladies for your kind words and support! Janice…my house gets trashed every time I have a flare. Seems like I am always playing catch-up!! Luckily my oldest daughter got home. She’s in her last year of the bachelor of nursing program (in the spring she’ll be an RN). She checked her drug app (iPhone program dr’s and nurses use) and said I was good to double up my NSAID dose this morning. Hoping to get some motion when it kicks in! I don’t advocate taking more medication then prescribed and know that it can be very unsafe. In this particular instance, there is a higher dose that can be prescribed. Hoping for some relief!

huzzah! lol That was one of my Word of the Day words and it means Hurrah! But it has a totally different flavor. I am always saying we should have a word that we say to one anotjher like the marines have semper fi .

Lets put it out there and see if others want to damke it a thing.

because sometimes it feels like we need to end our conversation with a word of encouragement+honor+strentgh+hope+victory is ours! and it might work to say Huzzzh!

what d'ya think?

Tendonitis along with bursitis is so common…and hurts so BAD! See what ur doc can give u to help other than anti-inflammatories, cause it really is painful, and those who’ve never had it, don’t understand just how hard it is to use the area! Rest it! That is what will help it heal for now! Feel Better, Suzie :0) P.S. Have u tried Ice/Heat combos? Oh & I am so ahppy ur flare is OVER! YAY! HUZZAH! LOL :wink:

My shoulder is feeling much better…not completely pain free but I’m hoping tomorrow I might be there! Thanks again ladies!