Foot Pain

Hello everyone, does any of you suffer from foot pain due to lupus, I can't be sure it is the lupus that is causing my foot pain, but I think it is because I have been tested for diabetes and I don't have that, thank God, it is a pain I can't describe, all I know is my feet hurt when I walk on them, I was wondering if it may be something that I am eating, drinking, or doing that cause my feet to have pain.

Hi Lady CJ. One of the first things was the foot and leg pain, along with the swelling. When I did see my family doctor, he thought it was plantar fascitis in both feet at the same time. I really did not think that was so. The pain continues, when it gets worse, I usually end up with a low fever and fatigue.

when I first found out I had lupus.. I went though the worst pain in my feet to the point where I had to take a week off of work. I could not walk,or where shoes, but it come and goes. And I have not felt that in a very long time, now its in my hands... Boy....... its alot that we go through....stay blessed.....(((( big hugs))))

You know a few month before I was pt i the hosptail and was told I had SLE, I had a time perod were me feet hurt sooooo bad. Every step was painful. a stabing pain and burning sometimes. It went away but I neve did go to a Dr for it. So mabe thats the same thing... a few month after that I was put into the hospital for fluid in my lungs and I found out I had lupus.... I hope it gets better. Sadly I have nothing to help wyou with. God knowes I would share the info if I had it. Happy easter to you and your family!

I suffer from pain and ache in both ankle joints. I have found for that pain relief don’t work. I have learnt to live with it. I wish you all the best.

foot pain is one constant for me. and my feet have gone from size 7 to 9...

yes, I have foot pain a lot and it's been kind of an ongoing issue since I was diagnosed also toes feel stiff and trouble bending them along with going numb and burning pain. Hang in there.

Hello Elizabeth, Tanya, Sunshinespraypaint, Aussie Karen, Janice, & Abutler, thank you all so much for responding to my post, I must say that it is nice to be able to talk to people who understand the pain that I am going through, there are times that I feel like some of my family members actually think I am over exagerating when it comes to the discomfort that I feel in my foot. I will keep you all in my prayers, may God continue to keep each and everyone of you, and I will claim it all the days of my life, that by his stripes I am healed, Isaih 53:6, I feel the pain but I am healed. God Bless You All !

Sometimes, my foot feels like it is going to sleep and when I apply pressure, it tingles and hurts really bad. This might be as a result of lupus, not sure. I usually just apply extra pressure to the foot while it is tingling and then it is ok. I know it is not the best method but it works for me.

WOW! I am new to this group, and just going through some older discussions. When I read the post from all of you I felt like you were telling my story! I have had foot pain for the past year, with the diagnosis of plantar facitis and then a bone bruise, and then tendonitis and a ruptured tendon. I was in a boot for 6 weeks, and my foot pain subsided, but now my feet are swelling and the pain is tremendous. I have joint pain in both my ankles and they burn as well.

my feet use to hurt so much when i got first diagnose, the heel.was the worse and my.toes was.numb and cold, sometimes they.will feel like they was on fire…my.big toe.was super sensitive i.couldnt touch it cuz it will hurt so much…but then it stop…hope yours do…love Dunnia

Yes!!! The foot pain is what I initially went to the doctor for be wise it was so painful that I could hardly stand up or walk. I still have it, it’s just become a part of my life. At times I’ve cried because they hurt so bad ecsp, after a long day at work. Lots of foot soaks and flexing. Praying for you and all of us who live with this pain on a daily basis!

I too have had burning sensations and pains in my foot. Any length of time I would be on my feet it was very painful! Like I was walking on needles and pins. Today I have a lot of tingling and numbness as well as swelling my legs and feet... GRRR so frustrating. You know after a wile you quit complaining about the little weird things that happen day to day and just focus on the major things.

Top of my feet, - swollen & say 6/10 pain most of the time. Now ankles swollen as well. Can walk but cant bend & rotate ankles & feet as well as previously. I use soft gel ice pacs a lot. It gives some relief. Best wishes to you. Kaz xo

Oh hey Lady CJ, you are preaching to the choir on foot pain! I get that there's no way to explain how bad my feet hurt. They burn so bad, like they get high fevers, that people can actually see the redness and swelling! I can melt snow with them when they flare! I have been seeing Docs for too many yrs to count and NO ONE has an answer. You know that Lyrica article in all the magazines? That is my feet but lyrica didn't help. Keeping them elevated as much as possible and running cold water over them is the only help for me. If you ever go into the womens public restroom and see a lady sitting on the counter with her feet in the sink ---- it's probably me --- stop and say hi!! hahahaha

My daughter has been having serious foot pain lately and just received a positive ANA. We are waiting on rhuemy appointment. What types of shoes have you found that you can wear and tolerate or help the pain? She is still in high school and has to walk alot.

Hello Amy, I found this shoe store on the web called and they have all kind of shoes that are comfortable for people who suffer from pain in there feet, I had purchased a pair that was made out of a soft cloth material but you can wear them everyday as casual shoes, I can't remember the name of them but if you go to there website you will be able to find something that will work for your daughter, best of luck to you.

Thanks Lady CJ. Unfortunately she has a very large foot - ladies 13 so we got her a good pair of men’s tennis shoes but still no relief. She sees dr next Thursday.

I feel your pain my feet hurt so bad its like I have jammed my toes into a brick wall. The only other thing I have to ask is your feet any other color? I have noticed that my feet are red and blotchy it started about two years ago on my right foot but not its on my left foot as well. I feel like I have pins in my toes and someone has a lighter at the end of them. I talked to my Rheumatologist about it and he doesn't seem to concerned but its not his feet either. Like I said I have dealing with this for two years now and I wished I knew what was making it happen. Wish you the best of luck.