Stress and lupus

Does anyone else get rashes on there hands mainly the palms specialy when they are very stressed?!?! I keep getting them they come and go the other day I had one on my fore arm by my elbow and tonight my hands started again. I’m new to all of this and feel so lost in it all!!

Hello Nicole. I'm a rashy person too. My chest and arms more than anything. And my fingers itch when the joints are making more hard nodules on the sides. I keep a white splotch in my palms, with the rest red, also fingertips, but no rash.

Have you tried picking up some non latex gloves to see if it might be something you are coming into contact with? I react to everything, and it keeps me from getting dermatitis on my hands. Worth a shot. I use them to wash the dishes and clean house, also with some of my craft supplies.

Hi Nicole-
It is interesting you bring up hand this morning. It’s 4:30 am where I’m at and my hands woke me up from a deep sleep. They are itching so very much I can hardly stand it. I’m not allergic to anything that I know of and I’m 57 so you’d think I would know by now…lol. My hands stay red and very dry but never this intense kind of itching. I’m new to lupus, just found out in July of this year so I don’t know if this is normal or not. I’ll let you know if this itching turns into any kind of rash but for now - just itching!

Have a blessed day - Sharon

I know I’m not allergic to anything it seems to happen when I’m very stressed out. About 4 weeks ago I ended up in the er cause I had no clue what it was the dr there thought I had a staphinfection I was on antibiotics for 10 days and it would clear up and then pop up again in another spot on my palm or on my opposite hand.

Are you on any kind of anxiety medication? I take lorazepam for stress and it works really good. Maybe you could ask your doctor to give you something like that to take the edge off. I does not make you zone out or feel drugged.

Hope this helps

Thanks everyone and I will talk to my dr next time I go. I’m not big on taking medications since I’m very medication sensitive.