Sore joints

Ever since going down on my prednisone ive noticed more joint pain. My hips were the only thing before. Now its my knees,ankles, wrists and and and...What do you do to help relieve it? Some have mentioned heat or ice? My ankle is the worst right now it acted up like this a little over a month ago and it ended up in a brace.

If joint pain is going to be an ongoing problem for you you might want to reconsider taking plaquenil This drug can be helpful in minimizing symptoms of your illness although it takes a while to kick in. NSAIDS help also if you can take them with your kidney disease. Joint pains are a major problem for those of us with lupus and can be a sign of increased disease activity so a visit with your doc may be in order

Hi Louters! I've been on various doses of prednisone for the last 3 years and every time I taper off, I get similar joint pains. Usually joint/muscle creams leave a strong odor, but I recently found a good join/muscle reliever cream that smells good. I've found this cream to really help (especially on back/chest aches, possibly those areas are more sensitive?) Anyways, this is the link to the cream (you can also buy it at Sam's Club). Also I've found that warm baths tend to help relieve the achiness but only temporarily. Feel better!

My doctors are currently wanting me off all meds. to see how I do. So even if i concidered going back on, I cant, I would mess up the many long months of getting off. I havent had labs in a while and i would really like to know whats they are. I also cant take NSAIDS which i wish i could as i respond better to them. Thanks for the idea on the cream i will definitely check it out! Sad thing is i dont have a bath tub.... :(

I usea tens unit.

HI. I'm not sure how to use this. I'm new but found your message. I can relate to what you are going through with the exact same pain areas. Today I can't even walk. It's a horrible way to live. Since being new, I don't know how to check messages but I just want to encourage you to be strong. I am sending you hope today. Big hugs.

You can contact me at email only if you would like. I'm also on Facebook. I'm "real" and not out to hurt anyone.

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I've made several attempts to wean off prednisone - this time I'm almost off it. Every previous time the pain would return with a vengeance. I'm on plaquenil as well.

When my knees really hurt I take tylenol and aleve and put ice packs on - this really seems to help me.

Thanks for the help! :)

My same joints hurt the worst- knees, hips, ankles. Honestly just listening to my body and resting daily helps, as well as my pain medication (hydromorphone) and plaquenil. I will sometimes use Salonpas pads that you can stick on and give you pain relief from menthol and can help you feel better. You can get them over the counter anywhere at drug store/pharmacy areas. I hope you feel less pain soon!!

I'm having the same problems with my joints but my fingers and feet are involved as well. And I've been off of prednisone for over 5 months. My problem is that I can't take anti inflammatory drugs because I have chronic kidney disease. Plus my hair is coming out to the point that I just cut it all off myself...and its still coming out. If you find something that works please let me know and I hope you feel better soon.

Water can help. Swim float, nothing rigorous. 15mins not moving around a lot depending on the level of pain you're talking about. It can be soothing! I'm sorry, but there's not much I did with joint pain than learn to do what I could anyway:( Make sure you stretch and move them daily even if they hurt or they'll stiffen up! I'm sorry it's hurting worse. Part of that is cutting down on the steroid and the side affects of that itself. Also it's possible now that you have less false "miracle pills" in your system you're able to feel the pain of the areas where your disease has spread to, better way to say it, is the areas where it's affecting you now. Make sure you mention to the doc that you need your NSAID upped just while you deal with cutting down!

Of all the types of joint pain, Hip pain is the worse to me. I usually Take Naproxen and a hot bath with some Dr.Teals Bath soak, Its epsom salt and lavender. My family knows Im really hurting if I soak in the tub, its hard to get in and out but it works.