Well as y’all already know I have a new Rhemy and he sent me out to
have a heaping amount of blood work. not only is my vitamin d low
and so is my set rate I finds out that I have Sjogren. I looked at that
dr like he was crazy only because I didn’t know what the hell it was.
He explained it to me than I came home and got my info about it.
because of this new dr I wouldn’t know anything about it.

so I guess it is a good thing I changed dr cause I’m finding out more about my illness in one month with the knew dr than I did with the 1 years with the old one

That’s was suppose to have been 11 years.

I also was diagnosed with Sjogrens, it explained a lot of things that were going on with me. Like why all my teeth started to fall apart, apparently if you have a saliva deficiency, that can happen. also why my eyes are always so dry and on and on. I hope your new doc will continue to help you! Best wishes from Manitoba!