New Rhuemy woohoo!

i had a Rhuemy I loved only got to see her 3 months she moved and passed me on to someone in her office (not good) just say we didn’t see eye to eye because of course she reads from the book how I’m suppose to feel… She doesn’t have lupus or listen to patients. So I found another one went for 2nd opinion and love this guy!!!he s so sweet and sincere. He adjusted my dosages and also said I have sjrogrens disease also. But just raising my meds I guess caused a flare up cuz I’m miserable feels like I got hit by a truck over and over. Has anyone experienced this??? Thought I’d ask before I called him.

Hi, Michelle, I am so glad you found a great doctor. We have a sjogren's community also, if you would care to join. There is a link to it on the communities' list.

Hi Michelle, so happy to hear you have found a rheumy that you like! That is so important. I have had a flare caused by a medication change. it is not fun to go through but hopefully the change ended up being a good one for you and I hope you are feeling better now.