Rheumy called today

My nurse called today and told me my labs were not as bad as they had been in the past but after reviewing my labs for the last year she wants me to see a hematologist and a hepatologist. I also have to get my labs redrawn as she does not think they could have improved as much as they were showing. She also increased my vit d and said they would be changing a lot of my meds. these are the improved labs

sjorens 0.8

wbc 11.9

rdw 15.8

neutrophils absolute 8.1

vit d 21

alkaline phosphatase 180

alt {sgpt} 67

The other labs were just my regular labs and I didn't write them down. Has anyone else seen either of these doctors?

Hello purplebutterfly,

I am pleased they got intouch to let you know your results...0.8 for sjogrens is usually primary, so when you see your Rheumo i'd still ask like we talked about.

I've seen an Hematologist several times in the past about my Antiphospholipid syndrome (Blood clotting)...they specialize in blood disorders.

I've not seen an Hepatologist though sorry mate.

Hugs Terri :)

Sounds like we are both having similar problems with these " lab results " and the possible referral to a hematologist !

I will be praying for you...you hang in there ! Hopefully for both of us "this too shall pass" ! :) <3 HUGS AND BLESSINGS