Sharing my Blood Sugar/Daily Health Log

I made this to try to monitor my Blood Sugars/Carbs/Meds/Pain etc. years ago, before I had Lupus but was struggling to keep everything undercontrol. Haha...first mistake...thinking I could be in control.'s a useful tool and can be played with to help with your own health issues. It's a Word Doc and if there is a better way to post it for folks...just let me know...I know just enough to get myself in trouble on this thing but don't really understand the different files.... Hope it helps, pam

I don't see anything here. No table, no file, nothing. If you forgot to attach it, PollyannaPam, when you open this disscussion, up top in the pink part you will see "options", Click that, then you can choose "edit discussion" and you can attach the file.