I have heard several people suggest keeping a daily journal of my symptoms to share with my dr. At first I thought it sounded silly, now I think it my be a good idea not only because I forget alot, but I hope to notice a pattern or trigger to my symptoms. I also makes me feel a part of my treatments. Its better then sitting and waiting for the next of many dr. appointmants. What do you think? Have any of you done this?

I think journaling is a great idea; personally, I use it to it help me figure out what I think' it helps organize my thoughts...(Now, tell all but the geek in you to close her eye/ears) and there is good science to back up the claim that journaling, or putting our life experiences into a narrative helps us because it lets all that raw data filter through different parts of the brain, integrating info and orchestrating more wholesome experiences.

OK...the coast is may dismiss the geek now, unplug ears and open eyes...if you try it to see if it works for you please let me know how it goes, ok?

And...tadatada....if you really enjoy journaling I have put together a free journaling companion with cool ways to use all our senses to tap the treasury of thought, prayers and experience that each of us, no exceptions, original, one of a kind, works of art. you can find it at

Hello Rae,

It's a good idea and i really do suggest it...i've done it in the past for other symptoms besides seizures, keep date/times and how long it lasts for when you go.

I've not done it concerning the lupus as i have appointments constantley onto of one another and doctor's knowing what's up alot flows out my mouth and what i can't remember my hubby tells them.

Nice to hear your thinking that way also. ((Hugs Terri)) xxx

oh drats and double drats! I wrote a response to this earlier and hit the wrong X ~~~~now it's song, long gone.

my name is Pecos Jill my daddy’ name was Will;

he taught me how to throw a lasso I remember it well

but our rope was made of stardust. so we never caught much

all the folks in town wagged their chins at us, suppressed their grins and made a delightful fuss

singing: yippi I o ki ay

cowfolks remember when

my daddy’s brother, his only kin

tried to rope and ride a twister south

and ended up with cactus in his mouth

Oh he got so mad he put his lassos in a bag, tied a knot on the top and gave em to my dad.

we aint sen him since but we’ve heard it said he went

oh yippi I o ki ay

o daddy when I see you again

I ‘ll throw my lasso into the wind

it’s dustysparkle such a dazzle in the sky, so pretty it will make you cry

O nobody knows my daddy or I cause we don’t throw our lassos to the dark and scary sky

we will never be famous cause we don’t want to try

O yippi i-o-ki-a

Aw inspired a song. The song popped into my internal mind-ear as soon as I told ann i wish i could be as organized as concise as she is. Then I said that the journaling companion has been a great to kelp to me but it is not organized...a terrible flaw that i can't figure out how to fix yet. I made the comparison between an and: i go rouge... and she gets focused. trying to pull my act together made me feel like Pecos bill who tried to rope the wild winds of twisters and such and such.

so i wrote it out today and have the (very) rough copy here now.

i hope it makes smile...or at least go a little yippi i-ay-i-ohhhhhh

and here are the lyrics in case you cant understand what im saying (((((hug)))))

Nice one Janice plus touching at the same time