Red welts

I have red welts on my legs. They don’t hurt or itch. Has anyone else had this happen to them?

I did when I was having a reaction to some lotion. Have you changed anything or been around something different?

I can’t think of anything different that I have interacted with

Yes I had them right before I got diagnosed with Lupus. They were all over my body and my face. I ended up going to an allergist who told me to take Zyrtec. I had a certain way to take them. You may want to consult with your doctor.

I've woken up with them before and they disappeared after a few hours. I'm thinking it was something different that came in contact with my skin. I was worried it was Lupus related but like I said they went away after a few hours so I didn't contact my doctor right away. I actually took a picture and showed him at my next appointment but he didn't seem too concerned.

I have them they are not to bad unless I take new medication. When I take new meds they can get really bad. Legs and arms mostly. Don't hurt don't itch. When you get them real bad take a picture so you can show your Rheumy or pc next time you have an appointment.

Yes, I have had them on my lower legs and feet. They did not itch. Never knew why and my rheumatologist wasn't too concerned---she said I should see a dermatologist which I never did. I am sick of going to different doctors unless I am having physical discomfort. Eventually (in several months) they went away without treatment.

I have had a patch of them, one worse then the others, for over 5 years now. They leg got burned when I had it propped on the dash while riding for an hour in a car. This was before I was diagnosed the 3rd time with lupus. I didn't think I had lupus again at the time. I had just landed in FL in March. Anyhow, I've been told it is a lupus rash. But that was one doctor's opinion. Another one said no it wasn't, and another said go to a dermatologist, and the last one said she didn't know but one the edema got so bad and it broke open no one has had an opinion at all including the ER. I don't even care anymore.

I have had them too. I do have to say it is best to call or go to your doctor. Could just be a Lupus rash but it could be many other things like allergic reactions, skin infections, vasculitis or many other things. I would have it checked out.

i go to a dermatologist also, and she and the rheumy agree. I like it when 2 drs agree. Does anyone have problems with excessive wax in their ears. I have been to the ear dr 3 times this year for wax problems. I asked her if its lupus connected and she said she didn't know. I like it when they are honest. I think I have a good group of specialists.

Thanks everyone for your info!!
Freightliner I hope your ear problems get better. I have ear issues due to tmj and allergies. It is miserable!

How are you feeling besides the welts? I get them when I flare and they go away when I’m feeling better. They look almost like bug bites but they never hurt or itch. My rheumy said they’re lupus relates but isn’t worried about them.


About a week ago i spent way to much time in the sun and broke out in hives. ever since then i have had brain fog and extremely tiered. I am assuming this is a lupus flair of some sort. I am supper new to this whole thing and its a bit scary. My Rheumy gave me some cream for the hives and i have been putting them on the welts that are on my legs as well. thanks for the help you have given!!!! Its nice to not be alone.

Renee425 said:

How are you feeling besides the welts? I get them when I flare and they go away when I'm feeling better. They look almost like bug bites but t hey never hurt or itch. My rheumy said they're lupus relates but isn't worried about them.