Recent Research on Vitamin D and SLE

If your rheumatologist is not already monitoring your vitamin D level, then the next time you have blood drawn, please consider asking for a check of your blood serum level of vitamin D. A number of people on this forum have discussed having their levels checked and discovering - to their surprise - that they were deficient enough in vitamin D to require prescription level supplementation. The evidence is piling up that people with lupus are quite likely to be vitamin D deficient and that this deficiency is related to more frequent flares and more severe manifestations of the disease. YES, I DO CARE. I CARE VERY DEEPLY.

25-Hydroxy vitamin D levels and its relation to disease activity and cardiovascular risk factors in women with systemic lupus erythematosus

The findings of this recently published study indicate that women with SLE have lower vitamin D levels than healthy controls. They also indicate that among women with SLE lower blood serum levels of vitamin D are correlated with increased disease activity and severity and a higher risk of cardiovascular disease.