Psychoneuroimmunology—How Inflammation Affects Your Mental Health

This may be worth reading and the video worth watching - especially if you are depressed and trying to understand depression as a result of the chronic inflammation of lupus as well and the gut brain connection.

Story at-a-glance

  • There’s a bidirectional relationship between all of the major chronic diseases and psychiatric diagnoses (patients who struggle with chronic diseases are more likely to be depressed and vice versa)
  • The role of inflammation, across these disease states, is now becoming more well-known
  • Depressive symptoms are the manifestation of many downstream effects on hormones and neurotransmitters, but “upstream,” there is a river of inflammatory markers
  • The communication between your gut and brain appears to rely, in part, on the vagus nerve, and is bidirectional in nature
  • Compelling research suggests your mental health can be improved by reseeding your gut with beneficial bacteria. Fermented foods are important for this\

I am sipping on my evening cup of kombucha and feeling tired but not in a flare following the long trip, my Dad's funeral, and encounters with truly annoying people.

Your comment about truly annoying people … I just laughed … I have been journaling my ability to see some of my life fraustrations and at the heart if it is “truly annoying people” … Enjoy your day :slight_smile: thank you for the information I am looking forward to reading it.

Hi Ann A. So glad you are back, and thank goodness you are not flaring. Don't know how you made a cross country trip without a are a stronger person than me! Seems like there is almost no way to avoid annoying people---they are just creeping and sneaking around everywhere. I subscribe to Dr. Mercola's e-newsletters, and find the advice to always be sound. However, I have not purchased any supplements there. I'm so glad you are back and maybe by now you have had time to rest and relax. You have been on my mind. Take care, my fellow LupanGeezer