Prozac and my pupils

Has Anyone eles experienced pupil dialation while taking an antidepressant, i took zolof for three days and my pupils stayed dialated all the time, i stopped the zoloft because it made me sick. But now im haveing the same problem on Prozac, its kinda freaking me out is that normal. or has that happened to anybody eles?

My pupils are always dilated. I guess it could coincide with many years of antidepressants. I just have to remember to wear shades outside or the sun gives me a piercing headache, so does extreme lighting inside. At least eye checkups don’t require those drops anymore. :slight_smile:

Dear Christie,

Seems the zoloft is the cause of the dilation. Hope this helps!

Hope you are having a good day,


Hello Christie,

Zoloft and prozac cause these affects besides many more antidepressants because over the years i've took a right cocktail from one to the other but where yours have gone dilated instead i had blurred vision besides double vision and your surposed to pull off the drugs with these side affects as they cause damage to the muscle of the eye at the mine are now damaged.

So i'd definitely book in to see your GP about this plus your dosage may be way to high in one go.

(Hugs Terri)) xxx