Sjogrens Lupus and Eye Problems

Hi Everyone,

I have an overlappf Sjogrens and Lupus. I had some vision problems before and the optomologist thought it was optic neuritis. It has been 3 months and i still have pain in the back on that eye.

I have noticed latley that my one pupil does not change size when i go into a darker room- one is big one is small.

This morning I woke up and my eyelids were stuck to my eyes and they are puffy like i have a black eye.

I am going to try to see the eye doctor again soon just thought some of you may have some ideas what this is.



I still get the eye pain, they are so sensitive. But getting better since being on the plaquinil. What are you taking? Did they give you restasis? Or any drops?

I am only on Plaquinil. I bought drops from the pharmacy but they are just regular eye drops.

Is restasis a drug? Does it help? Are your pupils affected like mine?

yes restasis is a prescription eye drop usually given to those who have sjogrens. I dont have the problem with the pupil thing. There is a support group that I also am a member at called sjogrens world, I bet you would be able to find others with simular issues. I believe Roni had something simular going on with her eye. Restasis does help though talk to your dr about using them.

I have sjogrens too and recently started having more problems with my eyes, mainly pain and very very dry. The doctor said it was inflammation and gave me eye drops with steroids in it. It took a little longer than normal to get better but now the pain is gone but still extremely dry. She said when you blink the tears should cover your eye for 20 seconds, well mine only cover it for 2 seconds!!! They also mentioned my pupils are slow to react, not really sure what that means though. I hope you get some answers soon.

I use artificial tears, in Canada the brand name is GenTeal Tears. I also use a gel lubricant at night - Refresh Lacrilube. When I had cataract surgery 2.5 years ago I also had my lower tear ducts cauterized. It has helped a lot, though I still have to use the artificial tears 4 times a day, unless they are really bad then it is up to 6 times a day. I asked about Restasis a few years ago but I don’t think it was approved for use in Canada at the time. Don’t know about now. I also have dry nose and mouth and need to lubricate them, too.

hey meg, I also have sjorgens overlap with lupus. I too have to make an appointment to see an eye doctor, My rheumatologist said when you are on Prednisone for a long time it affects your eyes, I am not sure in what way, but I have vision problelms, like I miss some words or some of the picture when I am reading something or looking at something. I will share my prognosis with you and could please to the same for me I would like to know if it is Lupus related and if it can get worse, and especially what can be done to help the situation.

Plaquenil can also cause vision problems. It can damage the retina.

Hello All,

Sorry to take so long to get back to you but I am only just getting my eye problem figured out now. I have seen three different eye specialists and they say I have two problems going on. One is inflamation of the gland that makes tears in my eye makes them puffy (from the sjogrens) and my eyes are so dry that my eylids are scratching my cornea. Anyways i am suposed to get eye surgery on my cornea (left eye) soon and they say that this will help clear my vision. The pupil dialation had something to do with pressure in the eye- it is still there i am on steroids for this. My vision and the pain seemed to get better for a while and now it is back again - my sjogrens is really flaring. Anyways I figured better to give an update late than never. Fighter- did you ever get an answer to your eye problem? I hope that your eyes are better now.

No I don't see the doctor until February 14, and whatever the problem is I am ready to deal with it. I am sorry for your pain, but just know that God can fix all things, and I know that he will give the doctors the answers to your problem and make your eyes better. I will let you know what happens at my visit. Now that you have shared your information with me, I can't wait to see the doctor and have some test ran. Many blessings and hugs.xoxoxo