is there anyone out there dealing with low platelets and how can I get my back up any info would help God bless

Yes Andre, that was my first indicator that lead me to a diagnosis. Began doing more and more tests to find out why my platelets kept dropping. Wrongly diagnosed with ITP initially. Also have found I have a blood disorder called MGUS. Since I began on Plaqunel a few months ago I have had a slight increase in my platelet count. I hope it continues to go up. My advice, keep positive, keep checking those platelets and get to know your hematologist well. Best of health to you! God bless.

Hi Andre,

Low platelets also known as (thrombocytopenia) leads to anaemia which i have and Lupus causes this also...mine was at a very low rate of 8.0 and i have megolablastic anaemia and to get mine back up to a reading of 13.5 on a steady level for a woman as a mans should be 15.0, i was put on 5mg of folic acid daily and i also have a b12 jab every 3mths for life.

I'm adding some links below explaing about low blood platelets and also how to get them back up but i'd also see your GP besides.

Raising platelet counts.


As Terri mentioned, you need to be under your GP's care. If they are dangerously low, sometimes you have to be admitted to the hospital. They usually put you on what you need and will monitor meds which cause the problem. Don't try and treat it yourself. Terri gave some excellent websites for information you should check out. I've learned a lot on this site from members who have experienced more than I.

Hi Faye,

I forgot to mention about you seeing your GP and being under he/she's care because if you GP as found the low platelets then you should be given something straight away or if the hospital as found it out a referal letter or phone call to your GP should have been made to start you on meds.

You do need proper meds like i'm on to up your reading quicker if it's low and there's one good nourishing food that will help is eating Liver as we sware by it in the UK

Andre it's just come to me your weight loss may actually be down to your low platelets because when i first had Anaemia i dropped from 10st to 7and half stone in no time and could'nt move through being allergic.

Like faye also said if your feeling to bad you need to get to emergency for treatment as i did first time around.