Plaquenil and Robitussin

Hi all! I hope all is well. I’ve been away for a little while. I was having some pretty good days and I just wanted to enjoy them as much as I could. However the good times are over. I have bronchitis and my chest and sinuses are killing me. The aches and pains are back in full force, and I’m forced to spend my vacation in bed. But that’s Lupus for you! My question is does anyone know if Plaquenil will react with Robitussin? I really need some relief…


I asked my son who is a doctor in Phramacy and he said yes you can take the robitussion!

Hope your are feeling better soon!

Lots of love…Deenie

Thanks Deenie, I’m going to get up out of my bed to see if I can find some now!


Lovely to hear off you Risa and i don't blame you enjoying days when you feel better as you don't get the chance otherwise.

Oh dear mate i have bronicle bronchitis it set in me when i was 22, i used to cough up blood and still fetch blood up now each morning only abit but damp weather won't help it or humid will get sinus trouble with it sounds like you've had a combination of a flare hit you, it's terrible to hear after enjoying yourself.

Risa i don't know if it reacts never took Robitussin but this link tells you on reaction and what people have gone through and if you need relief regarding the bronchitis get some vicks vapour rub on you and also inhale some friars's known for helping bronchitis and pneuomnia.

A large hug to you...loads of love Terri xxx