so recently started taking Plaquenil 200mg, then had bad flare up so took 6 day Medrol pack. No relief and can’t function. UGH! Now Dr wants me to take 400mg Plaquenil and muscle relaxer twice a day now instead of once a day.
(Pharmacy did give me generic which is fine, but this refill is a different manufacturer so that worries me a bit, has anyone had issues with this)

I take 400 mg plaquenil a day and it helps cut down on flares and protects your organs. You can always have a flare though if something triggers it, I am having one now from taking too high a dose of antibiotics. It's not as bad as my initial flare though. I also take vicodin and muscle relaxers when needed they help with lupus pain and fibro pain. I have taken the generic too for years I did notice the pill changed to a round pill instead of the oval. I hope it still works the same!

Feel better and take your meds!

I hate when they change things because I’m already so sick I don’t need any added. But I haven’t been on Plaquenil very long so hopefully my body won’t know the difference in manufacturer. I ll take any relief I can get at this point. I have a new grandbaby on the way and I need to feel good soon

We just had our first grandbaby and it is wonderful! Congratulations and I hope you feel better soon! It tokk me from 4 to 6 months before the plaquenil kicked in so don't give up. There is hope.