Pain meds?

Hi everyone,

I don't usually write anything,but I had a question about pain meds.I have severe hip and back pain.Right now I take Acetaminophen/Cod #3 two tabs twice a day.I also have been prescribed Tramadol in the past for pain as well.Does anyone take these two together?

I have taken both of these, but NOT together at the same time. I use them to stay ahead of the pain and prefer Tramadol during the day because it does not make me tired or itchy. I tend to have more side effects from stronger pain meds, so I save those for the times when I just can’t take the pain and will be sleeping through the side effects. Tylenol 3 is pretty mild so the choice between the two is personal…which one works best for your pain? I would not them together without talking to my doctor. Hope this helps!

I would take the hydrocodone and just use the tramadol for break thru pain.

Thank you both for your reply,I will talk to the doctor.

My doctor told me to never take tramadol and hydrocodone together, or Even in the same day, or one could have a heart attack. It’s instant death. I take tramadol right now, but it doesn’t do much. I don’t like hydros. Please, do talk to your doctor. I

I take tramadol 3X day. It works better if taken on a schedule to keep it built up in your system. It really doesn’t work by taking it only occasionally. I also take Tylenol #3 with codeine for breakthrough pain but no more than 2 every six hours. Some days I only take T#3 only once or not at all. However, I am on celebrex and muscle relaxers too just to try to walk. This can be done but check with your doctor. That is always rule #1. Then if you feel any different, like chest pain, fast heartbeat etc, call doc right away or go to ER.
I refuse to take stronger pain meds than T#3 as I’ve seen how oxycontin robbed the lives of 2 of my Aunts.
Be careful, listen to your body and always, always check with doc on everything, even vitamins and supplements. Some “natural” things can interfere with our meds too.
Hugs and hang on strong.

my back has been destroyed partly by the lupus sle.......i have taken these, for me they are not strong enough any more, i take oxycodone and tramadol,,this seems to help some what with the pain, but if you can get by on that low of a dose, DO IT.......getting pain dependent on the oxy is miserable after awhile, so keeep at the lowest dose of whatever pain meds you can, i have been on mine for about 15yrs.......and you always reach a tolerance level, and then you have to take more to relieve the pain than you did before, i wish i had never gotten on this merry go round,,,,,,so stay strong and take as low of a dose as you can dear....god bless you and happy new year, and may it be a pain free year for you as well.....purrs..catspaw1955

Thank you all for your replies and well wishes.This time of year is hard to get an appointment,but next week I will be making appointments.